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February 2012

Articles From Mindy Peterman in February
Saturday Feb 25, 2012 10:00 AM ET
The good news is that watching the performance made me appreciate the Todd material more than I had before, possibly because the show is definitely a show, something to behold.
Sunday Feb 19, 2012 40:00 PM ET
Ricky Gervais has never been known to be politically correct but with his new HBO series Life's Too Short, he may have managed to ace himself in the 'over the top, cruel and unusual punishment' department. Never has his humor been more harsh but you will probably laugh despite yourself.
Saturday Feb 18, 2012 30:00 AM ET
When Rosenthal was asked to travel to Russia to advise its people how best to adapt his show to their culture, he never anticipated the challenges he would face. In Exporting Raymond, his film documenting the experience, we are given a firsthand look at how how difficult translating certain truths to another culture can be.
Tuesday Feb 14, 2012 30:00 AM ET
Melissa Manchester got her start in the '70s as one of Bette Midler's Harlettes, learning the ropes from the outrageous star. From there she went solo, writing songs that helped define the era of the singer-songwriter. Now Sony has released Playlist: The Very Best of Melissa Manchester, a rich compendium of Manchester's material.
Saturday Feb 11, 2012 20:00 PM ET
As the Cigarette Smoking Man on The X-Files, actor William Davis was a master at instilling fear into the hearts of viewers while giving them much to ponder about this complex, enigmatic character. Like the character, there are layers to the actor and much about Davis' life we never knew.
Tuesday Feb 7, 2012 00:00 AM ET
Reluctant heartthrob Brian Dietzen talks about Jimmy Palmer, an NCIS milestone, and his upcoming film.
Monday Feb 6, 2012 00:00 AM ET
Faulcon has indeed found his niche in life and getting work in his field has never been a problem. He's guest starred on popular TV shows like Bones, Boston Legal, and NYPD Blue and can be seen in such movies as Men in Black and American Beauty.
Friday Feb 3, 2012 45:00 PM ET
The episode "Nobody's Fault" is a game-changer. It has taken everything we know about the character House and the series and brought them to a place we never thought we'd see them go (although we may have had our suspicions they'd get there one day).
Wednesday Feb 1, 2012 15:00 AM ET
As first assistant director, Duque's job is a challenging one. He is basically the director's right hand man as well as the eyes and ears of the producers on set.

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