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Mychelle Vasvary is a writer and serious gin advocate. She tutors English at Notre Dame College and dreams in a Sylvia Plath lens. She covers celebrity and entertainment trends in our astonishingly media-driven society.

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Tuesday Jun 26, 2012 10:00 PM ET
Although the show is on summer break, as the season wrapped last month, TMR got to chat with one of the show's writers, Molly McAleer, and cast member Brooke Lyons.
Friday Feb 17, 2012 35:00 PM ET
In this "ballsy as hell" show, Wiedeman storms on the stage and makes you think about your life, and why you cover up your body with layers of fabric.
Thursday Aug 11, 2011 25:00 AM ET
Earlier this summer funny lady and Broadway (and television and film) actress Ana Gasteyer brought New York City an old-fashioned cabaret show. Now she has traded coasts and is bringing Elegant Songs from a Handsome Woman to Los Angeles.
Wednesday Aug 3, 2011 30:00 AM ET
His timing and physical tempo are flawless; however it’s his honest approach that sets him apart.
Wednesday Jul 20, 2011 55:11 PM ET
When consulting the list of longest-running series in the history of television, these award-winning programs made the grade: Reading Rainbow, Lassie, The Daily Show, Masterpiece Theatre, Saturday Night Live, NBC Nightly News, and… South Park.In 1997, two friends came up...
Wednesday Jul 13, 2011 00:00 PM ET
This year’s Tony Awards included a colorful and riveting performance by one-time lead singer of The Weather Girls, Marth Wash, "The Queen of Clubland." Over the decades Wash has provided the music world with fun disco tracks, dance grooves,...
Tuesday Jul 5, 2011 55:00 AM ET
Typically when a recording artist releases a new album, a series of music videos are made and more performances, tours, appearances, and press events are to follow.
Thursday Jun 23, 2011 40:00 PM ET
Since the news of a royal engagement came in from across the pond, television and magazines have been dripping with the image of one instant famous icon: duchess/princess Kate Middleton. She's on the cover of Vanity Fair, People, the Globe,...
Wednesday Jun 15, 2011 15:00 PM ET
Hugh Hefner, Playboy founder and American icon, recently broke the news to the world that his fiancĂ©e called off their upcoming nuptials. Hefner announced this bit of life altering news via his Twitter account, of course.    Hefner has enjoyed a...
Wednesday Jun 8, 2011 25:00 PM ET
If it weren't for great institutes of entertainment, like the Groundlings, funny people with potential might not get the formal training they need to be successful actors.
Tuesday May 31, 2011 40:00 PM ET
So blah, blah, blah, 25 years on the air conducting a three-ring circus has concluded. Talk-show host Oprah Winfrey decided to end her long-running show at the perfect number of 25 years in television. People call her a saint, a...
Friday May 20, 2011 05:00 PM ET
Celebrities love to do it close to home though. Mildred Patricia Baena worked for the Schwarzeneggers for over 20 years, under the same roof! She was pregnant at the exact same time Maria Shriver was with the couple's son Christopher. Coincidentally, she gave birth only 2 days apart from Shriver.

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