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A native of Massachusetts, Steve Eramo has been a Sci-Fi fan since childhood, having been brought up on such TV shows as Star Trek and Space: 1999. He is also an Anglophile and lover of British TV. A writer for 35 years – 17 of those as a fulltime freelancer – Steve has had over 2,500 feature-length pieces published in various periodicals including Starlog, British Heritage, TV Zone and The Official Stargate Magazine. He runs his own website/blog as well – SciFiAndTvTalk.

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Articles From Steve Eramo
Thursday Sep 24, 2015 15:00 AM ET
Actor Nikesh Patel talks about his experiences filming season one of the British TV drama Indian Summers, currently airing Stateside on PBS' Masterpiece.
Thursday Aug 6, 2015 40:00 AM ET
From the African jungles to the streets of Bangkok, writer-director Michael J. Bassett talks about bringing his teenage action/adventure fantasies to life for the small screen in the hit British/American TV series Strike Back.
Thursday Jul 23, 2015 55:00 PM ET
Emily Berrington talks about playing the good, the bad and the vulnerable sides of her "Synth" character Niska in the popular Sci-Fi TV drama Humans.
Sunday Jul 19, 2015 38:57 PM ET
Talented and affable actor Tom Brittney takes time out from his busy schedule to chat about his recent work in the Sci-Fi TV drama Humans as well as other hit shows such as Call The Midwife and Outlander.
Wednesday Jul 15, 2015 37:38 PM ET
Actor Ashraf Barhom talks about his second season "in office" as President Jamal Al-Fayeed in the popular FX series Tyrant.
Sunday Jun 28, 2015 10:00 PM ET
The lovely and talented Gemma Chan talks about the challenges and joys of bringing her robotic character of Anita to life in the new sci-fi drama Humans.
Friday Jun 19, 2015 35:00 PM ET
Chris Jury talks about his stint playing apprentice antiques dealer Eric Catchpole in the classic BBC dramedy/mystery TV series Lovejoy.
Thursday Feb 12, 2015 00:00 AM ET
Actor and voice-artist Geno Segers talks about balancing brains and brawn in his riveting performance as Chayton Littlestone in Cinemax's Banshee.
Thursday Feb 5, 2015 10:00 PM ET
Veteran British actor (and all-around nice guy) Robson Green goes from fighting international terrorism in Strike Back to investigating murder most foul in Grantchester.
Monday Dec 15, 2014 15:00 PM ET
Ophelia Lovibond talks about joining the ranks of TV detectives as Kitty Winter in CBS' Elementary.
Monday Sep 29, 2014 50:00 AM ET
Take a step back in time to 1900 New York City with The Knick writer and supervising producer Steven Katz.
Thursday Sep 25, 2014 15:00 PM ET
Actor Arnold Oceng talks about helping tell a true journey of survival and playing a lead role in the 2014 feature film The Good Lie.
Wednesday Sep 10, 2014 30:00 PM ET
British actress Cara Seymour shares some of her memories of "journeying" back in time to 1900 New York City and playing Sister Harriet in Cinemax's period drama The Knick.
Friday Sep 5, 2014 20:00 PM ET
Actor Chris Sullivan talks about his experiences so far walking in the shoes of ambulance driver and Irishman Tom Cleary in Cinemax's The Knick.
Wednesday Aug 27, 2014 40:00 PM ET
British actress Zoe Boyle talks about her character of Jean Truscott (nee Meecher) and what she has to do in order to live her "dream life" in Breathless on PBS' MASTERPIECE Mystery!
Sunday Aug 24, 2014 00:00 PM ET
British actress Juliet Rylance talks about the challenges and joys of playing Cornelia Robertson in Cinemax's new period drama The Knick.
Sunday Aug 17, 2014 25:00 PM ET
Step back in time to England, 1929 and check out the aristocratic hilarity unfolding in Blandings, Series 2, starring Timothy Spall and Jennifer Saunders, coming to DVD this month.
Sunday Aug 17, 2014 10:00 PM ET
Actor Ashraf Barhom takes a thoughtful look at what being in a position of power means for his character of Jamal Al-Fayeed in FX's Tyrant.
Friday Jul 11, 2014 00:00 PM ET
Anna Karenina, the BBC's adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's epic tale of passion, betrayal, society and the search for happiness, arrives Stateside on DVD.
Friday Jun 20, 2014 38:35 PM ET
Actor Ian Anthony Dale is determined to see justice served as Lieutenant Jim Koto in the new TNT police procedural drama series Murder in the First.
Friday May 23, 2014 50:00 AM ET
Actress Jodi Balfour talks about doing her bit for the war effort as Gladys Witham in the Canadian-made period TV drama Bomb Girls.
Monday May 12, 2014 30:00 AM ET
Actor Kevin McNally takes a trip back in time and steps into the shoes of Judge Richard Woodhull in AMC's historical drama Turn.
Thursday May 1, 2014 15:00 PM ET
Bewigged and dressed in the 18th century uniform of His Majesty's Army, actor Burn Gorman talks about fighting in the American Revolutionary War as British officer Major Hewlett in AMC TV's period spy drama series Turn.
Saturday Apr 26, 2014 40:00 AM ET
Staying alive and one step ahead of the bad guys has become much more difficult for Dylan Bruce's character of Paul Dierden this season on Orphan Black.
Wednesday Apr 16, 2014 15:00 PM ET
Actress Laura Mennell stands up for law and order as legal prosecutor Samantha Turner in the Canadian police procedural TV series Motive.
Saturday Apr 5, 2014 20:00 AM ET
Veteran actor and all-around nice guy Louis Ferreira helps keep the peace as Detective Oscar Vega in the Canadian-made police procedural drama Motive.
Saturday Mar 29, 2014 40:00 PM ET
Irish-born actor Aidan McArdle goes over to the dark, nasty and ruthless side as Lord Loxley in season two of the British TV drama Mr. Selfridge.
Thursday Mar 13, 2014 25:00 PM ET
Having battled superhuman antagonists on Alphas, actor Warren Christie is continuing to chase after the bad guys as Sergeant Mark Cross in the Canadian police procedural TV drama Motive.
Wednesday Mar 5, 2014 40:00 PM ET
Kristin Lehman is back catching more bad guys as Detective Angie Flynn in the hit Canadian TV police crime drama Motive.
Saturday Feb 8, 2014 30:00 PM ET
Former Lost actor and Lord of the Rings "Merry Man" Dominic Monaghan reminisces about his very first job playing teenage sleuth Geoffrey Shawcross in the British TV detective drama Hetty Wainthropp Investigates.
Sunday Feb 2, 2014 15:00 AM ET
Patricia Routledge talks about the art of detection and putting her "little grey cells" to good use playing Hetty Wainthropp in the classic British TV detective drama Hetty Wainthropp Investigates.
Thursday Jan 23, 2014 25:00 AM ET
It's all work (and occasional play) for actress Cara Theobold in her role of kitchen maid Ivy Stuart in TV's popular Downton Abbey.
Wednesday Jan 22, 2014 05:00 PM ET
The beautiful and talented Canadian-born actress Cristina Rosato talks about making her hospital rounds as Dr. Giulia Amato in the Radio-Canada TV series Trauma.
Saturday Nov 9, 2013 40:00 AM ET
Actor Antonio Cupo talks about fighting the good fight as the handsome and honorable Italian Marco Moretti in the popular Canadian TV drama Bomb Girls.
Sunday Oct 13, 2013 50:00 AM ET
The charming Elaine Cassidy talks about playing spoilt, manipulative, clever and occasionally vulnerable rich girl Katherine Glendenning in the period TV drama The Paradise.
Wednesday Oct 9, 2013 40:00 PM ET
Actor Kenneth Choi talks about policing the streets of New York City as Captain Ed Rollins in NBC's updated Ironside TV series.
Monday Oct 7, 2013 20:00 AM ET
Staten Island native Jeremy Luke talks about his work in the feature film Don Jon and the upcoming TNT series Mob City.
Monday Sep 30, 2013 40:00 AM ET
Actress, singer and comedian Vicki Lawrence turns back the clock and talks about playing an old lady for laughs as Thelma "Mama" Harper on The Carol Burnett Show and her own series, Mama's Family.
Sunday Sep 29, 2013 05:00 PM ET
Actor Ethan Flower talks about rejection, acceptance and standing up to "Big Brother" in his struggle to survive as Duke Evans in the upcoming feature film Dragon Day.
Monday Sep 9, 2013 25:00 PM ET
Actor David Sutcliffe talks about playing Aidan Black, a Toronto police officer suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and still risking his life every day to protect the public in the Canadian TV drama Cracked.
Sunday Sep 1, 2013 50:00 AM ET
Veteran stage, screen, and television actor Michael Harney talks about playing social worker/prison counselor Sam Healy in the hit Netflix drama series Orange Is the New Black.
Saturday Aug 31, 2013 25:00 AM ET
Actor Robert Baker talks about re-creating real life events and playing Detective Bryn Ridge in the true crime feature film Devil's Knot.
Sunday Aug 18, 2013 40:00 PM ET
Enjoy a Q & A with Dame Judi Dench, who stars with her late husband Michael Williams in the '90s British sitcom "A Fine Romance," available on DVD from Acorn Media.
Sunday Aug 18, 2013 10:00 AM ET
Actor Dylan Taylor is back fighting crime and corruption on the mean streets of New York City (circa the 1860s) as Detective Andrew O'Brien in season two of BBC America's Copper.
Thursday Aug 15, 2013 10:00 AM ET
Actor Tom Hughes talks about his work in the TV movie The Lady Vanishes and the British legal drama series Silk, premiering this month in the States on PBS's MASTERPIECE Mystery!
Friday Aug 9, 2013 00:00 PM ET
Take a trip into the future with actor Adrian Holmes as he talks about his work in the new sci-fi blockbuster feature film Elysium.
Wednesday Jul 17, 2013 10:00 PM ET
Actor Alan Van Sprang talks about tackling crime on the city streets of Toronto as Detective Sergeant Derek Spears in the Canadian police procedural TV drama series King.
Monday Jul 15, 2013 20:00 PM ET
Endeavour's Shaun Evans talks about playing a younger version of writer Colin Dexter's iconic Endeavour Morse character and showing TV audiences where it all began career-wise for the Oxford City Police detective.
Thursday Jul 11, 2013 55:00 AM ET
Actor Adam Bartley talks about getting the job done and putting the bad guys behind bars as Deputy Ferguson a.k.a. "The Ferg" on A&E's Longmire.
Tuesday Jun 18, 2013 35:00 AM ET
A chat with actor Kevin Whately, who is back on PBS' MASTERPIECE Mystery! and heading up the investigations of three all-new puzzling murder mysteries as Inspector Lewis.

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