Chelsea Handler Got Caught Doing WHAT?!? Pfffffft!

Will the real Chelsea Handler please stand up?

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Mr. Blue/ - Handler at book signing for Lies Chelsea Handler Told Me

Say it isn't so!!! Late night talk show host and confessed bad girl, Chelsea Handler, was allegedly busted last week doing something suspicious with a man in gold shoes in the bathroom of a club in NY. 

1304962383_chelsea-handler-290.jpgHandler, who is dating hotelier Andre Balazs (linked to Uma Thurman, Courtney Love, other bedbugs) was attending a party for Standard Hotel employees. The party was being hosted by boyfriend Balazs on a restored boat docked on the Hudson, and things started out pretty normal for Handler.  The pottymouthed blonde was seen with her usual poison, booze, earlier in the night. But at some point, she and the bottle might have parted ways.

Page Six reports that Handler was seen being escorted from the party after a bouncer kicked her and a man in gold shoes out of a bathroom stall... together.  They then go on to recount a story from a former friend who claimed she and Handler used to regularly use coke back in 2003.  Inference drawn, conclusion made.  Well played, Page Six!

Obviously Handler wasn't getting some side action with the man in gold shoes, because no straight man would be caught in gold shoes. So what was Chelsea, a self-professed partier, doing in a bathroom stall, at a party, late in the evening, with a man in gold shoes?  Well, they were either sharing fashion tips, OR, doing drugs.

However, the doing drugs thing is not what makes this story of interest, it's the fact that Chelsea's gone all Hollywood and has her PR team denying the story. Wouldn't it be be nice if a celebrity told the truth, just ONCE? 

So that means that either Chelsea has been making a fortune in book sales regaling readers with fake stories of her hard partying ways, and we readers, who've lived vicariously through her drunken, drugged-out, sluttish tales have been punked, duped and mislead; or Chelsea was doing something naughty and she doesn't have brass ones to admit it. Own it and flaunt it, I say.

If Chelsea had ANY balls (or ovaries) she'd have issued a statement saying, "Yeah I was wharfing fat lines of blow in a dirty bathroom stall with a gay man. What's it to you, bitches? F*ck off, I'm Chelsea Handler IT'S WHAT I DO!"

Color me unimpressed. Poser. LAME. 

Chelsea, you can't have it both ways. Either you are a proud drunken, drugged out slut or you aren't. Time for me to find a new hero to worship, 'cuz this is just a sad day of disappointment.

via Dlisted

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