Best of The Morton Report: Our First Year

What a long strange, but incredible year it's been.

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This week I pontificated on the ups and downs of launching an entertainment website and the challenges we faced in our first year. While not everything went according to our grand plan, we had many successes breaking stories and making headlines.

We are super proud of our content and our great writers and thought it would be fun to take a look back at the last year and pat ourselves on the back for what we have accomplished. So without further ado, I present The Morton Report's greatest hits!

With Andrew Morton as the premier authority on all things royal, it's only natural that we had some hot stories on the British royal family. The big man himself was the first to break a super exclusive on Prince William and his new bride Kate heading to Hollywood. The frenzy surrounding the golden royal couple was all the talk across America, as they rubbed elbows with our own celeb royalty. It all seems like a lifetime ago.

Speaking of hot royal stories, another British import keeping her eye on the royals is our very own Margaret Holder. An accomplished royal correspondent in her own right, Holder's report on the persistent rumors of Prince Harry — Britain's most eligible bachelor — and his suspect paternity have become a recurring favorite, which goes to show you there's something to the phrase "Mama's baby, daddy's maybe."

Not in doubt is the impact Duchess Kate had on the world as we all watched her gracefully take her place at Prince William's side. Even one year out our fascination with all things Kate is still in full swing, and our stateside royal expert Charlotte Germane does a fabulous job summing up how Waity Katie became a worldwide sensation.

Now I am not one to toot my own horn, but I have to admit my prognostication abilities are nothing to scoff at. My post about the top five celebrity marriages doomed for divorce turned out to be pretty accurate. Only two days after I posted my article, Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony announced their split, and only a few months late, so did Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. So while the other three marriages remain intact, a 40% accuracy rate isn't too bad!

But not all celebs were hit with the gossip stick this past year; we also had one truly uplifting story about how a super celeb helped save one woman's life from intersecting with disaster on 9/11. Summers McKay scored an exclusive with Lara Lundstrom Clarke on how fate, luck and Gwyneth Paltrow intervened in her own Sliding Doors moment. The story caused a firestorm of media attention and left many wondering what exactly makes one a hero.

Not everything here at TMR is celebs and royalty, we also have scored some majorly spooky interviews with some of the paranormal community's top stars. Eric Olsen struck gold with his behind the scenes look at Ghost Adventures' Zak Bagan's new reality show, Paranormal Challenge. Take a look at Eric's series of amazing interviews with not only today's top paranormal stars but some of the most interesting characters in adventure reality TV.

In fact, TV is something we've covered extensively here at The Morton Report. Within our vaults of close to 3000 articles we've interviewed some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. One particularly notable article was from pop culture critic Mindy Peterman. Her interview with David Shore and Odette Annable of House was a huge hit, as was Peterman's interview with Ben Folds. Color me jealous!

With the volume of quality interviews we've published, it would be impossible to select the best, so we encourage you to check out Steve Eramo's amazing output. The man's a machine!

Our resident music expert is none other than legendary musician and music producer Al Kooper. We've been honored from day one to have even the tiniest bit of Al's insight, however, Al's given us more than that. In fact, each week Al graces TMR with his amazing column, "New Music For Old People." Be sure to check out his entire body of work, and this particular article stands out among his truly great offerings.

But lest we think TMR is simply an entertainment site, we are reminded that we are a WAY OF LIFE, or at least a source for lifestyle and all that that entails. Our travel writer Gabriella Ribiero Truman made waves when she took airline carriers to task, in fact telling them to STOP SUCKING.

It's not all swank and circumstance — TMR likes to throw its hat into the ring, and Jim Curtis's post about HBO's 2008 Sarah Palin film Game Change generated plenty of political heat.

Frankly we think ALL our articles are fabulous and we encourage you to keep reading, commenting and liking -- your support keeps us going and more importantly makes us feel loved and special.

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