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Twilight Time Limited Edition Blu-ray - April Titles
Limited edition Blu-ray releases for the month of April are: Richard III (1995), The Fantasticks, The Remains of the Day, April Love, Zardoz, The Story of Adele H. Acclaimed Miniseries The Book of Negroes - Now on DVD
The six-part miniseries based on Lawrence Hill's novel of the same name. The title comes from an actual Revolutionary War-era document. Out Now: The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts - DVD Collections: Stingers and Zingers and Hall of Famers
Stingers and Zingers is a 20-plus hour, eight-disc collection that boasts 24 complete roasts. Hall of Famers is a more economical, single-disc edition. Now on DVD from IndiePix Films: Ships (Ferahfeza)
Award-winning filmmaker Elif Refig's debut feature-length film won the prestigious FIPRESCI Award among other distinguished awards. New to DVD: The Beginner's Bible - Vol. Two Due June 9; Vol. One Now Available
The Beginner's Bible Volumes One and Two offer three animated Bible stories each, all aimed at younger viewers.

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Blu-ray Review: Richard III (1995) - Twilight Time Limited Edition

Shakespeare's language remains, while director Richard Loncraine transplants the 16th century setting to '30s-era England. Ian McKellen dominates the film in the title role.

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April 24, 2015 4:20 PM ET
An H.G. Wells adaptation from 1964, this sci-fi adventure centers on an international group of lunar astronauts discovering they aren't the first humans on the moon.
April 24, 2015 3:55 PM ET
Both the R-rated theatrical cut and the longer "unrated" cut of the latest Bryan Mills adventure are included on the new Blu-ray edition.
April 23, 2015 10:45 AM ET
RZA is back as The Blacksmith for another round of old school, martial arts action in this sequel.
April 21, 2015 8:50 AM ET
Sort of a combination of I Love You, Man and Hitch (but not as good as either), The Wedding Ringer at least boasts some fun moments between stars Kevin Hart and Josh Gad.
April 20, 2015 10:20 AM ET
This two-disc Shout Factory reissue adds a bunch of brand new special features to John Carpenter's beloved cult classic.
April 17, 2015 6:45 PM ET
The first one was a dramatically effective fright flick. The sequel is dull and unnecessary. Even many of the big scare moments are just fake-outs.
April 17, 2015 9:25 AM ET
The two Dannys (Trejo and Glover) are back for more action after a video of the aged pair whooping a bunch of a bank robbers goes viral.
April 13, 2015 7:50 AM ET
The 1982 cult classic arrives on Blu-ray with a bonus features including new cast and crew interviews. Features Michael J. Fox in a very early role.
April 13, 2015 7:30 AM ET
The slow-burn performance by Jake Hoffman is the best reason to check out this moody independent film about a creepy EDM artist.
April 11, 2015 2:40 PM ET
Hot on the heels of Lifetime's disastrous Aaliyah biopic comes this similarly shoddy Whitney Houston biopic. Angela Bassett makes her directorial debut here..
April 10, 2015 2:55 PM ET
The story of the mutiny on the Bounty has been told on screen before, but not with as much attention to historical accuracy as this 1984 Roger Donaldson film.
April 8, 2015 3:05 PM ET
More than ten years later, Brett Ratner's Caribbean-set lark remains breezily entertaining. Warner Bros. has issued this one on Blu-ray for the first time.
April 7, 2015 11:45 AM ET
A technically well-produced WGN America series about The Manhattan Project, the storytelling trips over itself at times due to the multitude of soapy subplots.
April 6, 2015 9:05 AM ET
This 1999 police thriller, starring Mark Wahlberg and Chow Yun-fat, comes to Blu-ray for the first time.
April 5, 2015 10:55 AM ET
This recent Australian horror film lives up to all the hype. It's both a traditional boogeyman fright flick and a deeply disturbing psychological thriller—and a new classic.
April 4, 2015 6:25 PM ET
Robert Montgomery directed and starred in this 1947 adaptation of the Dorothy B. Hughes novel of the same. Criterion's supplements include a great new commentary track by two film noir experts.
April 3, 2015 7:15 PM ET
This coming-of-age drama centers on four friends, recently graduated from high school, who band together to compete in a bicycle race. Nominated for five Oscars (winner of one).
April 2, 2015 10:45 AM ET
Hugh Grant is back, delivering a winningly subdued performance as has-been screenwriter Keith Michaels. The impressive cast includes Oscar-winners J.K. Simmons and Marisa Tomei.
March 30, 2015 10:15 AM ET
This Morgan Freeman-narrated IMAX documentary introduces viewers to the world of the adorable lemur, viewable in either 2D or 3D.

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