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Chaz Lipp is a Seattle-based freelance writer whose focus is music and film. As “The Other Chad,” he has written for the online magazine since 2008. When he’s not writing, Chaz can be found trolling jazz clubs, attempting to find somewhere to play his sax (whether anyone wants to hear it or not).

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Articles From Chaz Lipp
Thursday Dec 8, 2016 00:00 AM ET
Shout! Factory gives baseball fans the opportunity to relive all the drama from the incredible 2016 World Series in one feature-length documentary.
Wednesday Dec 7, 2016 30:00 AM ET
By commemorating the date that began their relationship, writer-director Richard Tanne bids fond farewell to Barack and Michelle as the Obama Administration reaches its final days.
Tuesday Dec 6, 2016 30:00 AM ET
Matt Damon returns after a nearly ten-year absence as Bourne, the results are a suitably exciting (if simplistic) action flick.
Tuesday Dec 6, 2016 30:00 AM ET
An all-new adaptation of Daniel Defoe's 297-year-old 'Robinson Crusoe.' It may have bombed in theaters, but it is at least nice to look at.
Thursday Dec 1, 2016 10:00 AM ET
The BFG is the swan song of screenwriter Melissa Mathison, best known for her Oscar-nominated screenplay for E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Adapting the 1982 Roald Dahl novel was a long process, one that dates back to 1991 (Robin Williams was...
Wednesday Nov 30, 2016 30:00 AM ET
Charming, elegiac family film 'Pete's Dragon' is a must-see re-imagining of the 1977 original.
Tuesday Nov 29, 2016 35:00 AM ET
Superb acting and tight storytelling combine for an unmissable modern-day Western thriller about bank robbing brothers and the Texas Rangers on their trail.
Tuesday Nov 29, 2016 20:00 AM ET
An early dramatic turn (with definite comedic elements) from the late Robin Williams makes this a "fish out of water" tale worth revisiting.
Monday Nov 28, 2016 20:00 AM ET
Fans are going to love the special features included with this high definition edition of the 1985 cult action-comedy film.
Tuesday Nov 22, 2016 30:00 AM ET
The incredible, partly-true story of a pair of arms dealers who get in way over their heads during the Iraq War.
Tuesday Nov 22, 2016 35:00 AM ET
Yes, it's an officially-sanctioned documentary about The Beatles. Yes, it's marred by some revisionism (literally - black-and-white archival footage has been colorized). Yes, the deluxe two-disc package is worthwhile for excellent bonus interviews.
Monday Nov 21, 2016 55:00 AM ET
The Stones rock Cuba in front of an audience of hundreds of thousands. The band seems supercharged by the historic occasion.
Friday Nov 18, 2016 35:00 PM ET
The Blu-ray upgrade of the '73-74 series includes a set of 22 collectible postcards, one for each episode of the short-lived series.
Wednesday Nov 16, 2016 25:00 AM ET
What's not to love? Great audio/visual presentation, great special features. And the movie's not bad either.
Thursday Nov 10, 2016 00:00 AM ET
It's a spy thriller, it's a romance - it's an interesting relic from the early '80s starring Donald Sutherland.
Monday Nov 7, 2016 40:00 AM ET
This retro-animated feature reunites Adam West, Burt Ward, and Julie Newmar from the '60s 'Batman' TV series.
Thursday Nov 3, 2016 40:00 AM ET
What other professions or societal roles can filmmakers apply the word "bad" to in an attempt to make an uproarious comedy? The well is seemingly bottomless.
Thursday Nov 3, 2016 20:00 AM ET
Twilight Time unleashes a high definition edition of one of the most popular comedies of the early '80s, crank up that timely Dolly Parton title tune.
Wednesday Nov 2, 2016 35:00 AM ET
Woah. This is one head-scratchingly misguided "family film" from the director of the 'Men In Black' series. Re-watch any of the films in that trilogy before even thinking of this cat comedy.
Monday Oct 31, 2016 50:00 AM ET
Contemporary jazz saxophonist Gerald Albright is currently on tour in support of his recently-released album 'G,' featuring his number one hit single "Taking Control."
Wednesday Oct 26, 2016 50:00 AM ET
This one took a beating from critics and fans alike, but considering the 1996 original was not a great film by any means, the new one is actually quite entertaining for what it is: a brainless popcorn flick.
Tuesday Oct 25, 2016 50:00 AM ET
Martin Scorsese's second feature film arrives on Blu-ray with a gorgeous transfer as part of Twilight Time's limited edition series.
Tuesday Oct 25, 2016 25:00 AM ET
This fright flick scores points big time due to its tight pacing. Not a moment is wasted in this briskly-paced chiller.
Friday Oct 21, 2016 25:00 AM ET
The eight-part miniseries, which aired on HBO, is a compelling police procedural about a college student accused of a vicious murder.
Monday Oct 17, 2016 05:00 AM ET
One of the great Vincent Price's most deliciously zesty performances, this twisted horror flick from 1973 debuts on Blu-ray (featuring film historian audio commentary).
Friday Oct 14, 2016 10:00 AM ET
Various editions of this 'Vault Series' are available, each containing complete episodes of Johnny Carson's 'Tonight Show' (commercials included!).
Wednesday Oct 12, 2016 25:00 AM ET
'Breaking Bad' star Bryan Cranston goes undercover as Bob Musella to infiltrate the drug cartels run by Pablo Escobar. A recommended true crime drama.
Wednesday Oct 12, 2016 55:00 AM ET
A $180 million budget buys a whole bunch of cool CG effects, but the reasons this 'Tarzan' is so-so lie in the muddled screenplay.
Tuesday Oct 11, 2016 00:00 AM ET
If you like Mel Gibson and have been waiting for him to deliver a knockout leading performance, check this one out.
Tuesday Oct 11, 2016 55:00 AM ET
Not without its moments, 'Apocalypse' is nonetheless the first disappointing X-Film directed by Bryan Singer.
Monday Oct 10, 2016 20:00 AM ET
Everyone knows Purple Rain, but the true classic Prince movie is the unheralded Under the Cherry Moon (which makes its Blu-ray debut here).
Thursday Oct 6, 2016 40:00 AM ET
A dystopian future in which young female protagonists must survive against great odds... No, not another Hunger Games, Divergent, Fifth Wave, etc. This is something entirely different - and entirely worth watching.
Wednesday Oct 5, 2016 40:00 AM ET
The plot is a morass of hard-to-remember names and locations, but the CG animation is a real treat.
Monday Oct 3, 2016 40:00 AM ET
The amount of deleted footage and outtakes contained on the Blu-ray nearly equals the running time of the movie itself! That's not necessarily a good thing.
Friday Sep 30, 2016 20:00 AM ET
Blake Lively turns in a remarkable performance in this shark attack thriller.
Thursday Sep 29, 2016 55:00 AM ET
The 1991 classic, Oscar-nominated for Best Picture, has been pulled out of the Disney vault for the first time in six years.
Wednesday Sep 28, 2016 20:00 AM ET
One of the flat-out funniest movies of 2016. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Kevin Hart make an awesome team!
Wednesday Sep 28, 2016 40:00 AM ET
Provocative, emotionally piercing, this Paul Schrader film features a towering performance by George C. Scott.
Tuesday Sep 27, 2016 05:00 AM ET
Worth watching for its overall surreal atmosphere and some intriguing performance, just don't try to make sense of the muddled plot.
Monday Sep 26, 2016 10:00 AM ET
No Blu-ray release for season two of Empire, but this DVD set has everything you need to get caught up for season three.
Monday Sep 26, 2016 10:00 AM ET
Steven Spielberg's first-ever Disney production will include lots of bonus content, including a tribute to late screenwriter Melissa Mathison.
Friday Sep 23, 2016 00:00 AM ET
Two Frank Sinatra detective films in one package.
Thursday Sep 22, 2016 40:00 AM ET
Warcraft has little to offer outside of CG imagery, though Universal's new Blu-ray packs in plenty of bonus content.
Tuesday Sep 20, 2016 10:00 AM ET
The sequel to the beloved 1979 family classic arrives on Blu-ray as a limited edition.
Tuesday Sep 20, 2016 10:00 AM ET
We didn't really need another Neighbors, funny as the first one was, but Sorority Rising is funny enough thanks to Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, and the rest of the cast's spirited performances.
Monday Sep 19, 2016 40:00 AM ET
All that's new with this 30th Anniversary Edition is the print materials found in the box (and a featurette that can only be streamed online).
Wednesday Sep 14, 2016 55:00 AM ET
Four bonus cuts and improved audio fidelity make this reissue a must-own for Fab Four fans.
Wednesday Sep 14, 2016 35:00 AM ET
The fictionalized versions of paranormal investigator Ed and Lorraine Warren are back for another haunted house story, this time set in London.
Tuesday Sep 13, 2016 20:00 AM ET
The third in the toy line-inspired animated film series, this one provides more action-packed fun for younger Batman fans.
Tuesday Sep 13, 2016 05:00 AM ET
This gritty Italian crime drama features Ornella Muti in her screen debut. Limited to 3,000 units.

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