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Chaz Lipp is a Seattle-based freelance writer whose focus is music and film. As “The Other Chad,” he has written for the online magazine since 2008. When he’s not writing, Chaz can be found trolling jazz clubs, attempting to find somewhere to play his sax (whether anyone wants to hear it or not).

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Articles From Chaz Lipp
Thursday Feb 11, 2016 40:00 AM ET
Under the guidance of Dolan's 36 and 37, witch hunter Kaulder must track down the most fearsome villain of all. Fun? Not really.
Friday Feb 5, 2016 05:00 AM ET
Martin Sheen co-stars in this brand new action/thriller directed by Agustin.
Thursday Feb 4, 2016 25:00 AM ET
The original Disney animated classic is back on the home video market after being out of print nearly five years. But hold onto your previous Diamond Edition Blu-ray if you managed to snag one before the vault closed.
Wednesday Feb 3, 2016 50:00 AM ET
Fans of the TNT sci-fi series have two opportunities to celebrate its conclusion: both the Complete Fifth Season and the Complete Series sets are available.
Wednesday Feb 3, 2016 55:00 AM ET
Political satire that falls rather limp, despite director David Gordon Green and star Sandra Bullock's best efforts.
Monday Feb 1, 2016 10:00 AM ET
Though heavy-handed, the true story of New Jersey police detective Laurel Hester is a powerful one. The Blu-ray also contains the Oscar-winning documentary from 2007.
Monday Feb 1, 2016 50:00 AM ET
Though nominated for Best Picture (and five additional Oscars), this is not one of Steven Spielberg's most accomplished moments. Fascinating Cold War history is rendered inert in this jumble of ideas.
Friday Jan 29, 2016 35:00 AM ET
More likable than lovable, the comedy-drama Grandma is a dual showcase for its leads: Lily Tomlin and Julia Garner.
Thursday Jan 28, 2016 00:00 AM ET
The award-winning Rocky spin-off debuts on home video right around Oscar time. Sylvester Stallone is up for Best Supporting Actor, the second time he has been nominated for playing his iconic character.
Tuesday Jan 19, 2016 50:00 AM ET
The new anniversary edition is budget-priced, but doesn't add any new special features (though it does come with a Digital HD copy).
Tuesday Jan 19, 2016 05:00 AM ET
The 1973 classic was nominated for three Academy Awards and now comes to Blu-ray exclusively via Twilight Time.
Tuesday Jan 19, 2016 50:00 AM ET
James Brolin, Antonio Banderas, Lou Diamond Phillips star in the true story of 33 miners trapped in a collapsed Chilean mine.
Tuesday Jan 19, 2016 55:00 AM ET
Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway shine in this lightly entertaining story of a senior citizen intern and the emotionally conflicted CEO of an online clothing business.
Monday Jan 18, 2016 50:00 AM ET
Astounding from a technical level, this film is based on the true disaster at Mount Everest that claimed eight lives in 1996.
Monday Jan 18, 2016 40:00 AM ET
This release marks the first time the original Disney animated classic is available as a Digital HD download.
Thursday Jan 14, 2016 10:00 AM ET
The story of the youngest Nobel Prize winner in history, Malala Yousafzai, is incredible. The movie falls a bit short, but it's well worth watching.
Monday Jan 11, 2016 35:00 AM ET
Don Cheadle delivered one of the key early roles of his career with a supporting turn in this Denzel Washington-starring neo noir film.
Monday Jan 11, 2016 05:00 AM ET
The acclaimed Cold War thriller arrives on home video supplemented with numerous special features.
Monday Jan 11, 2016 15:00 AM ET
Director Eli Roth displays galling cultural insensitivity in his exploitation of a Peruvian tribe in his cannibalism-themed horror misstep.
Thursday Jan 7, 2016 30:00 AM ET
It's a reboot that hadn't exactly been clamored for. Remember the 2007 semi-successful Hitman? Doesn't matter, this one tries to stand on its own.
Wednesday Jan 6, 2016 00:00 AM ET
Director M. Night Shyamalan tackles the "found footage" horror subgenre and the results are both scary and funny (intentionally).
Thursday Dec 31, 2015 50:00 AM ET
A historical epic that takes place in China in the year 50 B.C. - and it stars John Cusack. Proceed with extreme caution.
Wednesday Dec 30, 2015 10:00 AM ET
The title is not ironic in any way - this is, in fact, a heist movie. Robert De Niro co-stars and Kate Bosworth cameos.
Tuesday Dec 29, 2015 00:00 AM ET
Does anyone really want a Transporter movie without Jason Statham? If your answer is "yes," this movie is for you.
Tuesday Dec 29, 2015 25:00 AM ET
The first one starred Ethan Hawke and was a modest hit. This one took a critical drubbing and got mostly ignored. But it deserves a second chance.
Monday Dec 28, 2015 30:00 AM ET
Richard Burton delivers a masterful performance as the adversarial Party leader O'Brien. It was the legend's final role.
Wednesday Dec 23, 2015 55:00 AM ET
The soundtrack to Robert Trujillo's documentary film about the late bass great Jaco Pastorius includes some new material recorded specifically for the film.
Wednesday Dec 23, 2015 00:00 AM ET
Spanning a period of four years, this four-disc set contains 28 live performances, including a couple of a stunning Jaco Pastorius bass solos.
Friday Dec 18, 2015 10:00 AM ET
Over two hours of classic rock and roll, this set includes the entire concert on DVD (Blu-ray also available) and on two CDs.
Wednesday Dec 16, 2015 05:00 AM ET
Eli Roth's psychological thriller about a married man and two temptresses skimps on the psychology.
Monday Dec 14, 2015 45:00 AM ET
Everything from its generic title to its tired farcical situations renders this Pierce Brosnan vehicle a plodding bore.
Friday Dec 11, 2015 20:00 AM ET
Director Noah Baumbach's second film this year (after While We're Young) is more true to its characters, but meanders even within its brisk 84 minutes.
Tuesday Dec 8, 2015 50:00 AM ET
Another Woody Allen film debuts on Blu-ray courtesy of boutique label Twilight Time.
Monday Dec 7, 2015 15:00 AM ET
Excellent performances by stars Ryan Reynolds and an award-worthy Ben Mendelsohn make this gambling drama worth seeking out.
Thursday Dec 3, 2015 05:00 AM ET
This ho-hum horror comedy doesn't add anything new to the genre. It stars Elijah Wood, Rainn Wilson, and Alison Pill.
Tuesday Dec 1, 2015 35:00 AM ET
Shunned in theaters last August, this is actually one smart, funny thriller that deserves to be discovered. This one has "cult favorite" written all over it.
Tuesday Dec 1, 2015 35:00 AM ET
WWE fans will want to spend a little holiday time with The Miz and Paige in this family-friendly Christmas comedy.
Wednesday Nov 25, 2015 30:00 AM ET
The album is recorded, but there's much work yet to be done. A TMR writer takes the crowdfunding route as a means to complete the music!
Monday Nov 23, 2015 05:00 AM ET
This "extended" cut adds 20 minutes to the final Hobbit film, but the real reason to pick up this edition is for the ten hours of new special features.
Monday Nov 23, 2015 35:00 AM ET
Poised to possibly find new life on home video, Guy Ritchie's Cold War-era spy thriller looks and sounds fantastic on Blu-ray.
Wednesday Nov 18, 2015 30:00 AM ET
A trip through the guitar great's career in celebration of his 70th birthday, this Blu-ray also contains the full concert on two CDs.
Tuesday Nov 17, 2015 45:00 AM ET
Rare deep tracks sit beside early classic as the band performs its first two albums in their entirety.
Monday Nov 16, 2015 05:00 AM ET
Zac Efron is an up-and-coming EDM DJ in this sluggish drama.
Monday Nov 16, 2015 00:00 AM ET
Most everyone seems to love Pixar's summer smash, but all we liked was the technical razzle-dazzle. The concept is ambitious, but ultimately ill conceived.
Wednesday Nov 11, 2015 50:00 AM ET
The 1970 cult favorite stars Robert Quarry as vampire Count Yorga. The limited edition Blu-ray includes new special features, including film historian audio commentary.
Monday Nov 9, 2015 50:00 AM ET
Athletes John Cena and LeBron James manage to steal the show from writer-star Amy Schumer in this ambitious, funny rom-com.
Wednesday Nov 4, 2015 40:00 PM ET
Remixed audio, rare promo films, lossless 5.1 audio, 124-page book - all part of the tremendous new deluxe 1+ package.
Wednesday Nov 4, 2015 30:00 AM ET
The 2014 animated smash is back in a spiffy new two-disc edition loaded with new bonus features. Available exclusively at Target.
Tuesday Nov 3, 2015 20:00 AM ET
Woody and Buzz Lightyear are back in this made-for-TV special, arriving on home video in time to become a sought-after stocking stuffer.
Monday Nov 2, 2015 55:00 AM ET
Decades-old Presley vocals blend seamlessly with newly-recorded orchestral arrangements for a surprisingly entertaining tribute to artistry of Elvis.

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