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Jeff Burger

Jeff Burger books include Lennon on Lennon: Conversations with John Lennon as well as Springsteen on Springsteen: Interviews, Speeches and Encounters and Leonard Cohen on Leonard Cohen: Interviews and Encounters, all published in North America by Chicago Review Press. The Springsteen and Cohen books have since been republished in such countries as England, France, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Ireland, and Turkey.

Burger has been a writer and editor for more than four decades and has covered popular music throughout his journalism career. His reviews, essays and reportage on that and many other subjects have appeared in more than 75 magazines, newspapers and books, including Barron’s, The Los Angeles Times, Family Circle, Melody Maker, High Fidelity, Creem, Circus, Reader’s Digest, Gentlemen’s Quarterly, All Music Guide, the Berkeley Barb and No Depression. He has published interviews with many leading figures from the music world, including Bruce Springsteen, Roger McGuinn, Wolfman Jack, Tom Waits, Foreigner's Mick Jones, Billy Joel, Tommy James, the Righteous Brothers, Deep Purple's Tommy Bolin, and members of Steely Dan and the Marshall Tucker Band. He has also interviewed many other public figures, such as Suze Orman, Daymond John, James Carville, Sir Richard Branson, F. Lee Bailey, Sydney Pollack, and Cliff Robertson.

Burger has been editor of several periodicals, including Phoenix magazine in Arizona, and he spent 14 years in senior positions at Medical Economics magazine, the country’s largest business magazine for doctors. A former consulting editor at Time Inc., he currently serves as editor of Business Jet Traveler, which the American Society of Business Publication Editors named one of the country’s best business magazines in 2011, 2013, and 2016.

Burger's website,, features information about his books and four decades' worth of music reviews, news, interviews, and commentary.

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Articles From Jeff Burger
Monday Mar 20, 2017 20:00 AM ET
New releases include a blues CD by Eric Bibb that comments on the current refugee crisis, a Bobby Darin reissue, and a meditation on the loss of a loved one.
Tuesday Feb 21, 2017 00:00 AM ET
Could a little-known British band have become as big as the Who or the Kinks? Maybe. Also reviewed: Carol Noonan, Chicago, and Lowland Hum.
Monday Feb 13, 2017 05:00 AM ET
An expanded edition of the Grateful Dead's eponymous debut delivers vibrant music that conjures up an era. Also: new releases by Bill Scorzari, Billy T Band, and Lawrence Morrill Glass.
Tuesday Feb 7, 2017 10:00 AM ET
Chip Taylor's mesmerizing latest release offers more proof that he deserves to be considered a national treasure, right up there with folks like John Prine, Jesse Winchester, Greg Brown, and Steve Goodman.
Tuesday Jan 17, 2017 10:00 AM ET
Vivian Cook's debut is loaded with personality—and great rock and roll.
Monday Jan 2, 2017 20:00 PM ET
Burger reviews four new releases, including Big Star's 'Complete Third,' a masterpiece that ranks among the best archival releases of 2016. Also: Tami Neilson, Chandler Travis Philharmonic, and Reverend Freakchild.
Friday Dec 23, 2016 50:00 PM ET
Burger reviews a singles anthology from country legend Buck Owens, plus new albums by Whitney Rose, Jack Mack and the Heart Attack Horns, and Daniel Koulack.
Monday Dec 19, 2016 30:00 AM ET
Burger surveys recent CD releases, including the Pretenders' terrific latest. Also reviewed: Hugh Prestwood, Mandy Rowden, and Shel.
Thursday Dec 15, 2016 10:00 AM ET
A forthcoming anthology will whet your appetite for more from the late, great singer/songwriter Guy Clark.
Monday Dec 12, 2016 30:00 AM ET
Though this four-CD-plus-DVD package doesn't contain previously unavailable material, it's a must for rock fans who don't already own the music or the film.
Wednesday Dec 7, 2016 20:00 AM ET
'You Want It Darker' is a fitting final addition to a remarkable catalog.
Monday Dec 5, 2016 10:00 AM ET
A five-CD, 50-year retrospective shows NRBQ to be among the most versatile acts in the history of rock.
Thursday Dec 1, 2016 05:00 AM ET
A new book that collects Bob Dylan's lyrics offers reminders about why he deserved a Nobel Prize.
Tuesday Nov 29, 2016 30:00 AM ET
Ron Howard's crash course in Beatlemania will bring back memories for longtime fans and be a revelation for young audiences.
Tuesday Nov 22, 2016 25:00 AM ET
An ambitious new book surveys the Rolling Stones' recording career.
Monday Nov 21, 2016 05:00 AM ET
Bob Dylan's mammoth new box set arguably contains more music than anyone really needs, but the performances are fantastic and the price is right.
Wednesday Nov 16, 2016 15:00 AM ET
Two seminal rock concert films arrive on Blu-ray.
Thursday Nov 10, 2016 50:00 AM ET
This singles collection offers a fine introduction to the great Tim Buckley, but you really ought to hear his entire catalog
Monday Nov 7, 2016 25:00 AM ET
Bruce Springsteen's autobiography is intimate and powerful. So is the music on the companion CD, but its release seems less necessary.
Monday Oct 31, 2016 05:00 AM ET
Some of today's best music isn't issued by major labels and probably isn't on your radio. Here are five new releases you could easily miss but shouldn't.
Monday Oct 17, 2016 25:00 AM ET
Burger reviews a tribute to a songwriter who deserves wide acclaim, plus new CDs from the Mavericks, Tony Hadley, and more.
Monday Oct 10, 2016 15:00 AM ET
A collection of songs sung at funerals proves more meditative than morose. Plus, Bette Midler reissue and two auspicious newcomers.
Thursday Oct 6, 2016 50:00 AM ET
A follow-up to last year's Five Years, which covered David Bowie's work from 1969 through 1973, exhaustively examines his 1974-76 output.
Monday Oct 3, 2016 45:00 AM ET
A new edition of the Beatles' Hollywood Bowl concert LP offers bonus tracks, upgraded sound, and a sense of why the fans all screamed.
Thursday Sep 29, 2016 15:00 AM ET
Burger reviews new releases, including a major find for soul fans, a highly recommended power pop CD, and a superlative holiday album.
Monday Sep 26, 2016 40:00 AM ET
Mirage finds Fleetwood Mac at the peak of its powers, and there are several good reasons for owners of the original album to upgrade to this deluxe package.
Friday Sep 16, 2016 00:00 AM ET
These superlative new releases cover wide terrain - everything from traditional folk to pop to Balkan music.
Monday Sep 12, 2016 55:00 AM ET
A new Springsteen book combines a concise, well-written biography with album reviews and a wealth of photos.
Tuesday Sep 6, 2016 40:00 AM ET
British singer Rumer pays memorable tribute to the classic pop songs of Bacharach and David.
Monday Aug 29, 2016 30:00 AM ET
Burger reviews five new releases, including a compilation from a vintage pop rock group and a captivating rock entry from an artist previously known for Gypsy jazz guitar work.
Tuesday Aug 23, 2016 30:00 AM ET
The latest addition to Louise Goffin's discography is noteworthy, though its title seems misleading.
Monday Aug 15, 2016 45:00 AM ET
This folk debut opens with a lyrically rich minor classic, and much of the rest of the CD is just as impressive.
Thursday Aug 11, 2016 05:00 AM ET
New life for a 1969 album that flopped, plus an anthology of preadolescent soul, and three more new releases.
Thursday Aug 4, 2016 30:00 AM ET
Newly released material from the archives of one of America's best bands offers a window into their early creative process.
Monday Aug 1, 2016 10:00 AM ET
Five new CDs are all over the map musically, offering everything from Tex-Mex and Western swing to rock to folk. What they have in common is quality.
Monday Jul 25, 2016 25:00 AM ET
A pair of comprehensive new releases document the career of the Turtles, one of the quirkiest and often most endearing groups in 1960s pop rock.
Thursday Jul 21, 2016 10:00 AM ET
Two new releases from the prolific Chip Taylor offer fresh evidence that he is a national treasure.
Friday Jul 15, 2016 05:00 AM ET
This reissue collects the entire recorded output of one of the most super supergroups of all time.
Tuesday Jul 12, 2016 10:00 AM ET
Allen Ginsberg's fascinating 1983 album has been lavishly repackaged as a three-CD set that includes a full disc of bonus material.
Tuesday Jul 5, 2016 00:00 AM ET
Freshly unearthed from the vaults, these recordings find the then 27-year-old Van Morrison at a peak form.
Friday Jul 1, 2016 30:00 AM ET
Once upon a time, fans had reason to complain about a dearth of Springsteen concert recordings. Not anymore.
Monday Jun 27, 2016 20:00 AM ET
The 40th anniversary edition of the Ramones' debut is loaded with great and important music, though portions of it arguably represent too much of a good thing.
Tuesday Jun 21, 2016 05:00 AM ET
You probably haven't heard of some of these bands and solo artists, but you probably will.
Tuesday Jun 21, 2016 55:00 AM ET
Andre Burger (born 4/95) and his sister Myriam (born 4/99) have been keeping their parents well entertained. Between smiles, their father, Jeff Burger, has been taking notes.
Monday Jun 13, 2016 55:00 AM ET
Dylan’s 37th studio record contains mostly winning performances.
Monday Jun 6, 2016 40:00 AM ET
The Bangles revisit their formative years, plus Robert Rex Waller covers classics and the Kingbees buzz.
Thursday Jun 2, 2016 10:00 AM ET
Burger surveys new releases from the worlds of folk, rock, and blues.
Monday May 23, 2016 20:00 AM ET
Canada's Stony Plain label has released nearly 400 albums over the last four decades. This three-CD sampler includes some of the highlights.
Monday May 16, 2016 00:00 AM ET
A new three-CD set preserves what is arguably one of the Grateful Dead's best concert performances ever.
Monday May 2, 2016 20:00 AM ET
Burger surveys new releases from a wide range of genres and finds several winners.

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