Aw, Snap! Kathy Griffin Takes Aim at Kim Kardashian in New Special

What? Someone had to do it!

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Bristol Palin? Check. The Jersey Shore crew? Check.

Who's the next high-profile celeb on Kathy Griffin's hit list? None other than reality TV's favorite starlet, Kim Kardashian.

In her new stand-up special, Kathy Griffin: Pants Off, the comedian gives Kim and her new hubby, Kris Humphries, a few things to keep up with, blasting the couple's recent nuptials and calling them out for the millions of dollars worth of product endorsements and other profits they made by pimping out their wedding day to the highest bidders.

"Kim Kardashian got married and I thought the wedding was such like a freaking Persian conversion, Armenian f**king nightmare from hell," the My Life on the D List star quips. "You know, they had a virtual wedding guestbook. As if there wasn't enough people at that f**king wedding, they wanted to make sure that all their fans could leave their virtual message. Well, I left one," says Griffin.

(Brace yourself.)

"It was a simple f**k you," she continues. "But I did do xoxo to balance [it] out."

Oh, Kathy!

But why the Kardashians, and why now?

According to Griffin, it's "because nobody else has the balls to," but fans and critics of the comedian both know that above all else, Kathy's motivated by the headlines; more specifically, the people who are keeping her out of them. So, yeah ... it's personal.

Kathy Griffin: Pants Off premieres Tuesday, September 20 at 9|8c on Bravo.

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