Justice For Casey Anthony? Here's a Suggestion

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Just after midnight on Sunday, Casey Anthony was released from the Orange County Jail in Florida. Anthony was incarcerated for just over three years, or about the same length of time her daughter Caylee was alive on this planet.

Anthony had been charged with first degree murder, but a jury acquitted her on all but four counts of lying to the police about her daughter's disappearance. The jury claims that a lack of hard evidence forced them to find her not guilty of murder. Since the verdict, there has been public outrage, including protests against Anthony, and death threats against both she and her parents, Cindy and George Anthony.

The question that remains is what will Casey do with her life now that's she's free? News reports initially stated she boarded a private plane at three am this morning and was heading to Columbus, Ohio. Those reports are now conflicting with reports that Ohio was NOT the destination and that Anthony may be in Arizona. Regardless of where she ends up, it's quite likely she won't be welcomed into the community and her safety will be an ongoing issue.

After the not-guilty verdict sunk in, the media began speculating about what options were on the table for Anthony.  There was talk that she might be offered a book deal, or even a movie deal for "her story" to be dramatized for public consumption. However, Hollywood insiders have shot down that idea, saying studio execs wouldn't want to bank on such a toxic story. Hell, even Jerry Springer, hardly the bastion of good sense and quality programming, has stated he would NEVER do an interview with Casey, even if he was offered $1 million.

So what's a child eraser to do?  One thing we know about Casey, she won't quietly disappear, she loves the limelight far too much to live a low key life.  More likely than not, Casey will feel emboldened by her foray into crime and infamy and ultimately... getting away with... well something untoward.

It's a Casey Anthony smirk alert -- what exactly is she smiling about?

One need only look at her face upon leaving jail. Her expression wasn't one of blessed, grateful relief for being found innocent on charges of murder, but rather, like that of a cat who ate the canary. Casey's and her lawyer Jose Baez's smirks say it all. Even more galling is a news report that Casey and Baez asked her parents if they would act as media decoys upon her release, to which they answered a resounding HELL NO. And why should they? Her entire defense was based on throwing her family under the bus and painting her father and brother as sexual deviants.

It seems Casey is on her own for now, having alienated the handful of people willing to buy into her lifetime of prevarication and useless behavior.; Her one possible saving grace as a human hinged on her ability to be a good mother, something she failed at with spectacular flying colors. So what do we do with Casey Anthony now? What should we do with all of our animosity and anger?

My suggestion is do what would hurt her most: ignore her. Ignore her existence, forget she's alive, pretend she never plagued us with her selfish, thoughtless, vindictive and pointless life. By turning our backs on her, we will deprive her of the one thing she's addicted to: attention - positive, negative, or otherwise. All the outrage, all the protesting, all the attention she is receiving now only enables her to distract herself from the suffocating force of all she's done wrong in her life.

There's little doubt she's taken the time to reflect on the pain she caused her family, and most especially her daughter Caylee. Perhaps, left to her own devices, fully shunned by the world, Casey will be forced to look at the wreckage she's created and, once again, take the easy way out.

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