The Change Up: Who Would You Switch Places With?

Don't you wish you could just be someone else for a day?

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The thought of Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman together in anything is pretty much my version of a dream come true. Which coincidentally sounds a lot like some of my dreams, especially if there's a vat of whipped cream, two small ponies and bouncy house involved... ah, but I digress.

The two funny and equally hot actors are starring in the new comedy, The Change Up, which premieres this Friday, August 5th. Taking an R-rated approach on the ages-old story of switching places, Mitch (Ryan Reynolds) and Dave (Jason Bateman) find themselves in each other's bodies after a drunken night out together. I am pretty sure, based on the trailer, the switch is somehow facilitated by peeing in a fountain together, which should be a lesson to everyone about public urination.  (TRAILER NOT SAFE FOR WORK)

Mitch and Dave have been friends since they were kids, but as they grew into adulthood their paths diverged, and Dave ended up married with three kids, and a lucrative but stressful law job, and Mitch ended up an unattached, sometimes unemployed and not terribly mature man-child. Each sees the other's life as far more blissful than their own, but discover through their magical switch, that the grass is NOT always greener on the other side.

The Change Up sounds a lot like the Hangover meets Freak Friday, however, as I mentioned, it stars Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman, and they could spend the entire movie discussing popular mechanics and I'd still watch.  I am a simple woman with simple needs.

Here's a nice little snippet from the red carpet for the premiere of the film, featuring the film's stars, including Bateman, Reynolds, and Olivia Wilde discussing who'd they switch lives with if they could. Personally, I'd be willing to switch lives with Ryan Reynolds' bar of soap, if I'm not being too bold.

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