Are We On The Verge Of A Ginger Holocaust?

Yes, it's true, redheads are better in the sack!

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Redhead Day Festival, Netherlands

I have a confession. I am a ginger. I have freckles, I don't tan. SPF 50 is my friend. I was teased as a kid. I clash with certain colors. And yes, the carpet matches the drapes. Being a ginger is really a way of life, and I am here to say, it's not easy for a ginge out there.

Hating on redheads has been going on since the dawn of man, but only in today's fast paced, social media driven society has it become so fashionable. In truth, the ginger-hate movement is the last acceptable form of discrimination and I worry about the fate of our existence. Honestly, nobody wants to be a redheaded stepchild (or beaten like one), which by the way is just a polite way of saying "BASTARD." 

What mother wouldn't want a ginger baby?  A BAD ONE, that's who!

Recent signs of ginger hate in the news: there was the little ginger seal who was abandoned by his mother and the entire seal community, then that man-faced witch the Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger stating rich men don't want to date women with red hair, and of worst of all, the study about red-haired men being rejected from sperm banks.  It's as if the world as a whole wants to wipe us gingers out of existence.  IS A GINGER HOLOCAUST NEXT?

ginger kids.jpg

Gingers as a collective have been branded in the starkest of terms. People say we have no souls, we are anomalies, aberrations of the animal kingdom. We are branded as having bad tempers, mean-spirited, prone to erratic behavior -- and for the female redhead it's always -- they're wild in the sack, good in bed. Actually, come to think of it, these are true, so let's keep perpetuating that one.  

caveman.jpgI imagine the first cave ginger had a tough time. It's hard to blend into one's surroundings when a shock of flaming red hair catches the eye of one's prey. And of course, our incandescent skin likely glowed in the dead of night, attracting all sorts of unwanted attention and critters. Our freakish freckles were probably considered some kind of bad omen, and many a ginger ancestor was likely sacrificed to appease the gods. 

These seeds of ginger bigotry were planted deep within our prehistoric memories and we are seeing its manifestations to this day.  Like all stereotypes, most are built on irrational fears, falsehoods and myths.  So on behalf of the world's ginges I would like to demonstrate how society has benefited from the many contributions of us freckled, rojo-calientes.

Proceed to the Gallery, and please vote in our poll: "Top Ginger of All Time," and help spread the message of love, not hate, for our gingered friends. 

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