Who Are The Real Losers In This Slutty Sex Debate?

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I thought I was done with the Rush Limbaugh slut spew, but with each passing day I stumble across commentary that demonstrates a level of ignorance at once both ridiculous and dangerous.

To reiterate -- because obviously some individuals are simply too stupid to either read or comprehend the English language -- at NO POINT did Sandra Fluke discuss her sex life nor what she personally spent on contraceptives. She was asked to speak to Congress about women getting access to affordable contraceptives for a variety of health reasons. Fluke represented OTHER women and she spoke of THEIR financial struggles. 

In typical fashion, Rush extracted a few soundbites from her testimony, mashed them together and came up with "Sandra Fluke personally spends $1000 a year on contraceptives, therefore she must be having sex several times a day, thus making her a slut and a prostitute." 


And here we are, debating whether women who need access to affordable birth control are sluts and prostitutes because some bloated moron is a misinformed, sloppy-thinking buttplug. If it weren't so perverse, it would be silly.

Rather than having a logical debate about WHO should be paying for these costs and HOW this could benefit society as a whole, an innocent woman has been slandered and libeled publicly.  Frankly, Sandra has a decent law suit on her hands and if I were counseling her, I'd encourage her to sue Limbaugh and Clear Channel.

But Sandra isn't the only victim of this debacle. We all are. Once again, we have a situation where women's health and sexual well-being are being cast in the most salacious possible light.  Female sexuality is being treated like something filthy and dirty, played out on a national stage. I wouldn't want to be a young, single woman these days, because regardless of what you do, you lose. 

According to Rush Limbaugh's logic and the millions of sickos who agree with him, women who try to take responsibility for their reproductive health are just sluts. It's hard enough being the gender who bears the ultimate responsibility for pregnancy, but to add insult to injury, now you must also be slut-shamed for even planning for sex.

Of course, if women don't have sex, they are marginalized as frigid prudes, uber-religious, or desiccated freaks.


And you know who is truly going to lose if we don't change how we look at this topic?  Men in general.  When the media, society and individuals keep reinforcing the stereotypes that women are either sluts or prudes, then women will ultimately take themselves out of the equation. I wasn't raised to be a man-hating feminazi, nor was I raised to be ashamed of my womanhood, but I am only human. I can only filter out the images, concepts and beliefs bombarding me on a daily basis so much. Does my desire for affordable birth control make me a slut. If I reject sex am I frigid bitch?

Come on men, which is it?  Do you want us ladies to put out and be cheerful about it?  Because if you do, then TELL MORONS LIKE RUSH TO SHUT THE F*CK UP.  Where are the MALE advocates speaking out on behalf of us ladies.  If you aren't getting laid, it's your own damn fault.

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