Prince Harry's Dance Moves Too Hot To Handle in Hvar

Where will the handsome ginge Prince pop up next?

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Our favorite spare apparent Prince Harry was having a great time recently during a trip to Hvar, a Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea, and a popular tourist destination.

According to OhNoTheyDidn't, Prince Harry is thought to be staying on a yacht docked off Hvar. The mayor of the city Hvar, Pjerino Bebic, confirmed the prince was staying in the city, which has a celebrity-friendly attitude and discourages any harassment for those who are looking for a relaxing, paparazzi-free atmosphere:

Mayor Bebic stated, "I did not meet him personally, but it is logical that he would want to visit the capital of tourism, which Hvar is, and I want him to feel comfortable. Last night he was in a club. He has not asked anything from the town, and we want him to enjoy himself, as we do with all our guests, to see the sights of Hvar, and to come back."

princeginge.jpgIn the photos featured on ONTD, Harry looked relaxed and seemed to be having a great time, and in no way bothered by his alleged break up with upcoming model Florence Brundenell-Bruce, aka "Flee," as reported by TMR's very own royal expert Andrew Morton recently.

Of course, this is Prince Harry we are talking about, and he's well known for his romantic dalliances.

Harry is seen in the video dancing poolside with the locals at the city's hot spot, Veneranda, an open-air nightclub, and then jumping in the pool with his clothes on, only to dance some more barefoot and drenched.

Ah, to be a handsome single prince; footloose, fancy-free and a wet. Sounds like a naughty fairytale!

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