Legacy Recordings to Reissue Roger Waters' Amused to Death in Stereo and 5.1 Updates

After a long, long wait, fans will be rewarded with a new stereo remaster and a desirable 5.1 Surround remix.

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The promise of an audio update for Amused to Death, the 1992 solo effort by former Pink Floyd bassist and lyricist Roger Waters, has kept a lot of fans anxious for the finished product. Much time had passed with many fans losing hope... until now.

Sony's archival arm, Legacy Recordings, has recently announced that it will release a remastered stereo version of the album as well as a highly coveted 5.1 Surround remix.

Roger Waters' unflinching statements, which can be heard in his Pink Floyd contributions as well as in his solo efforts, have charmed fans for decades. He views a world disintegrating politically with less and less attention paid to its inhabitants. The rewarding of the corporate world and the stripping of the populace has long been a focal point for Waters and has gained him the undying respect of his fans.

On July 24, watch for several iterations of Amused to Death that will include a standard CD issue, a two-disc Deluxe Edition that adds in a Blu-ray Audio with the desired 5.1 Surround remix, two separate two-LP packages that include 200g-weight LPs, one set with standard black vinyl, and another in Limited Edition picture discs, and several Digital Download (DD) versions. The accompanying booklets for each set will feature lyrics, photos, credits, notes, and other goodies. The album will feature newly updated artwork. The 5.1 Surround remix and the stereo remaster have been supervised by longtime Pink Floyd audio associate James Guthrie. Roger Waters Amused To Death New CD.jpg

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