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February 2012

Articles From Bill Bentley in February
Thursday Feb 23, 2012 10:00 AM ET
There is something about San Francisco bands that demand freedom, whether it's in their sound, their attitude or just the way they walk down the street.
Thursday Feb 16, 2012 35:00 PM ET
Even though McCartney is no Jimmy Scott when it comes to romantic ballads, he still has a heart as big as Shea Stadium. You can feel it in the way he approaches this music.
Thursday Feb 9, 2012 35:00 AM ET
Near the start of the soul music crush Wendy Rene caught the glory train and almost rode it into the spotlight. What's obvious hearing these 22 songs all at once is how profoundly talented she was.
Thursday Feb 2, 2012 45:00 PM ET
There are moments in a musical life where the only move that makes sense is to go to New Orleans. ... There is something in the air, in the water, and most definitely in the feet of all who live in the city that care forgot which supplies an inspirational joy to just breathing.

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