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'The Wolverine: Unleashed' Interactive Website and Digital HD Release

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One of the most rewarding summer movie experiences of 2013 was also one of the most curiously overlooked. After Iron Man 3 in May and Man of Steel in June, maybe late-July’s The Wolverine was one comic book extravaganza too many. Well, it turned out to be the best of the bunch, bolstered by Hugh Jackman’s seemingly inexhaustible ability to bring something new to the title role no matter how many times he’s played it.

In conjunction with release of The Wolverine via Fox Digital HD, with the theatrical cut as well the new extended version now available for download (Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, and DVD are due December 3), 20th Century Fox has launched an interactive website called The Wolverine: Unleashed. Considerably more interesting than a simple promo site, ‘Unleashed’ allows users to navigate through seven centers of Logan’s being. Whether it’s his brain, DNA, or—of course—claws, each center features clickable areas that reveal video content teasing the impending home video release’s special features. You get an advance look at behind-the-scenes footage, concept art, storyboards, animatics, and more.

Also currently available for free from Fox Home Entertainment is The Wolverine iBook, compatible exclusively with iPads. The “multi-touch experience” allows readers access to an expansion of the film’s narrative, with photos, videos, and interactive models. Visit iTunes for the free download.

Content on The Wolverine: Unleashed site is embeddable and shareable across all social platforms, with the site itself compatible on desktops and iPads. Spend some time exploring the site and keep in mind, The Wolverine is currently available via Fox Digital HD.

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