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Is Casey Anthony Studying Buddhist Meditation In Florida?

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Casey Anthony with attorney Dorothy Clay Sims

News about Casey Anthony has been mostly quiet in the last couple weeks since we broke the story about her being sighted in Southern California. Casey, who was acquitted of murdering her two year-old daughter last month, was alleged to have been seen near Rancho Sante Fe.  After some investigation, our source discovered a link between Casey and her attorney Todd Macaluso, who owns a multi-million dollar home in the same community. However, after news crews began investigating the reports, Casey once again went into hiding.

This Friday, Casey is expected to be in court for a hearing in Orlando to determine what her probation sentence will be on charges of theft and check fraud. There are rumors circulating that Casey is now back in Florida, staying near Ocala, possibly with one of her attorneys, Dorothy Clay Sims. The speculation arose when her attorney Jose Baez stated she was in Florida, receiving "spiritual counseling."  Several sites that have been tracking Casey have made a connection between Baez's statement and Sims and Anthony.

Sims owns the Vision Farm Retreat and Meditation Center in McIntosh, Florida, and lives approximately 20 miles away in Ocala. Is this where Casey is hanging out until her probation hearing on the 26th?  And what kind of counseling is she receiving? According to an Examiner article, the Vision Farm Retreat and Meditation Center is listed as place for spiritual healing for those who practice Buddhism, especially those who follow Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh.

Buddhism is an Eastern philosophy concerned with transcendence from the wheel of existence and there is a heavy emphasis on mediation and spiritual awakening. Hmm... one has to wonder what Casey's discovered about her journey through life if this is truly what she's doing.

Casey's lead attorney, Jose Baez, has also found himself in hot water. The Florida Bar Association is investigating Baez and his part in handling the botched probation issue. 

Judge Belvin later discovered there was a clerical error in the sentencing, which stated Casey had served her probation while in jail, essentially allowing her to leave Florida. The judge's intention, however, was that she must serve probation in Florida, where she can report to a probation officer and be tracked by the courts. 

Jose Baez admitted he was aware of the error, but didn't report it to the court.  This is considered an ethical violation, hence the Florida Bar investigation.  Baez, via his personal mouthpiece TMZ, stated he was "looking forward to the bar completing its investigation, so that it can be dismissed just like the 20 previous complaints."

Keep it classy Jose!

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