Blu-ray Review: King Cobra (2016)

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King Cobra is based on the real-life story of porn producer Bryan Kocis and his involvement with former porn star Sean Lockhart. I was unaware of the actual events prior to seeing King Cobra. The best that can be said about the movie is that it led me to read up on the far more interesting true story.

Stephen (the Kocis-based character, played here by Christian Slater) owns and operates the successful gay porn site King Cobra. He discovers a major star in Sean Lockhart, stage name Brent Corrigan (Garrett Clayton). The middle-aged director/producer and the barely-legal (if that) star develop a relationship that is equal parts professional and personal. Both of those components are tested by Sean's infidelity and his dissatisfaction with Stephen's pay scale.

Joe (James Franco) and Harlow (Keegan Allen) are rival gay porn producers looking to swipe the increasingly popular "Brent Corrigan" from Stephen's clutches. But Sean is under contract to King Cobra. The lengths to which Joe and Harlow will go in order to bring Sean into their fold becomes the focus of King Cobra. The deadly serious real-life story is reduced to a gay-themed Skinemax flick. A rather nuanced performance by Slater in the complex role of Stephen is the film's redeeming asset.

Shout! Factory and IFC Midnight's Blu-ray includes director's commentary by Justin Kelly (I Am Michael) and a reel of outtakes.

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