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Who knows why John Travolta makes movies like Speed Kills, a bottom-of-the-barrel crime drama loosely based on the doubtless interesting life story of speedboat designer Donald Aronow. He's obviously still capable of delivering compelling works (The People v O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story). He's still a major star with charisma to spare. He's even listed as a producer on Lionsgate's Speed Kills, implying a vested interest beyond cashing a quick check.

Those interested in Aronow should probably check out Thunder Man: The Don Aronow Story, a documentary that hopefully presents a more informative version of his story. For Speed Kills, Aronow's name has been changed to Ben Aronoff, presumably only the most obvious of liberties taken. Aronoff, much like the real Aronow, has many high profile customers lining up for his lightning quick boats. He also makes the unfortunate choice of including drug runners and other crime figures among his more distinguished clientele (seriously, this guys had George H.W. Bush as a customer).

If you want a seriously good direct-to-video John Travolta movie, check out the similarly generic-titled Criminal Activities, a Jackie Earle Haley-directed crime caper from 2015. While Travolta is only a supporting player in that underrated and under-seen twisting/turning thriller, he does more with his limited screen time than the entirety of Speed Kills.

Lionsgate's technically-sound Blu-ray edition of Speed Kills offers nothing in the way of extra features. If you manage to make it to the end of the film, its unlikely you'll be looking for more anyway.

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