DVD Review: DuckTales: Destination: Adventure!

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The current version of Disney's DuckTales is a reboot of the kids' classic from the late-'80s. Fans of the new series might already know Disney issued Wooo-oo!, a DVD collection of the pilot episode and several additional shorts, late last year. Now there's the brand-new Destination: Adventure! that contains well over two hours of animated fun for kids.

Six episodes of the new series—which will provide nostalgic fun for those viewers old enough to recall the original—are featured, all new to DVD, and these include:

The Beagle Birthday Masscare! - Episode four in the series' chronology (original airdate: September 30, 2017), this one features a bit of intrigue and chills for the youngest viewers as it features the villainous sorceress Magica De Spell (voiced by Catherine Tate).

The Living Mummies of Toth-Ra! - Episode eight in the series (original airdate: October 28, 2017), this one boasts Uncle Scrooge, along with Huey, Dewey, and Louie, searching an Egyptian pyramid.

The Impossible Summit of Mt. Neverrest! - Ninth in the series running order (original airdate: December 2, 2017), the central theme here is Scrooge and his nephews attempts to scale the heights of the foreboding titular mountain peak.

The Spear of Selene! - The tenth episode, and first following a mid-season hiatus (original airdate: May 4, 2018), this adventure features a couple of guest voice performers that might entice older viewers to pay more attention: Nia Vardalos (of My Big Fat Greek Wedding fame) and Michael Chiklis (of The Shield, The Thing in two Fantastic Four movies, and much more).

The Missing Links of Moorshire! - Episode 12 in this jumping-around-the-order set (original airdate: May 18, 2018), here we have a golf theme as Scrooge partakes in "Duckburg Milllionaires' Club Golf Invitation"—though things go wrong pretty quickly.

Beware the B.U.D.D.Y. System! - Skipping back a beat, this was the eleventh episode to air (original airdate: May 11, 2018), the last of six episodes from season one collection here. There's a guest spot for Lin-Manuel Miranda and a plot centered on self-driving cars.

Lots of fun for tykes to be had here, but what's cool about Destination: Adventure! is the inclusion of two vintage, original DuckTales episodes. Making their DVD debuts are the season four episodes (meaning they first aired back in 1990) "Ducky Mountain High" and "New Gizmo-Kids on the Block."

DuckTales: Destination Adventure! is now available to own on DVD, with a running time of 135 minutes.
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