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Danny Trejo fans take note: despite receiving above-the-title billing and being the sole prominently-featured cast member on the DVD cover, Frat Pack is NOT a Danny Trejo vehicle. If you, like me, enjoyed the gruff-voiced tough guy in movies like Machete and Bad Ass (not to mention the former's sequel and the latter's two sequels), do not expect to see him for more than a cameo in Lionsgate's new comedy.

Someone in the marketing department sensed they had a real dog on their hands with Frat Pack and decided to feature Trejo as if he was the film's bona fide star. He's a tattoo artist who turns up briefly amidst an otherwise lousy teen raunch (pukefest in a car, check!) comedy. British college student Elliot (Richard Alan Reid) finds out his mom (Beverly D'Angelo, another of the film's cameos, apparently less marketable than Trejo) is marrying American Michaelson (Kevin Farley). So she sends him to the States in order to meet his new step family. Unlikely and unnecessary, when you think about it, but nonetheless this is the film's premise.

Elliot, his soon-to-be stepbrother, and a bunch of other random people (some of whom appear to have no connection with each other), take a road trip. See Road Trip instead, the 2000 Todd Phillips hit, because even 18 years later it has far more laughs than this warmed-over junk. If Frat Pack actually had a plot, threadbare wouldn't describe it. As it stands, there's no forward momentum at all in this total turkey. Spend your 90 minutes elsewhere.
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