Holiday Gift Alert! Blu-ray Review: Major League Baseball Presents - The 2018 World Series

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The Boston Red Sox capped a thrilling, 108-game-winning regular season by defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers in five games. And thanks to the instantly-legendary relief appearance by Nathan Eovaldi in the instantly-legendary 18-inning Game 3, the BoSox kinda won all the World Series games, at least in spirit. Major League Baseball and Shout Factory have issued The 2018 World Series documentary on Blu-ray (standard DVD available as well—including within the two-disc Blu-ray set), providing easy access to all the great moments.

As a souvenir of the Fall Classic, this one will appeal almost entirely to Boston fans, which may be stating the obvious since their team won. The truth is, there's not much about the Dodgers' road to the post season, though L.A. manager Dave Roberts' brief stint as a Red Sox during his playing career—2004, which saw him assisting the time to its famous breaking of the "Curse of the Bambino"—is given some time.

In fact, the scope of the documentary is limited almost entirely to the five-game series itself. Hey, it delivers pretty much exactly what the title promises so its hard to fault it. And there are some neat special features that help fill out events leading up to the the World Series (though again, entirely from a Boston-centric perspective).

Actress Uzo Aduba ("Crazy Eyes" on Orange is the New Black) is sort of an offbeat choice as narrator of the documentary. Aduba fulfills the role ably, though perhaps not particularly notably. Those seeking a meat-and-potatoes recap (clocking in at a bit shy of an hour-and-a-half) of the 2018 series will get exactly what they're expecting. But MLB and Shout have also released an eight-disc 2018 World Series Collector's Edition: Boston Red Sox that includes all five games (plus the ALDS and ALCS clinchers as bonuses) for those fans who truly wish to relive Boston's glory.

Special features: "Regular Season Highlights"—as mentioned earlier—this 16-minute reels fills in some of the blanks about how Boston dominated all season. "Clinching Moments" (seven minutes) carries the highlights through post-season. "Walk-Off Wins" (four minutes) is self-explanatory, "How They Got There: Red Sox" is a short (five minutes) regular season recap, and "World Series Parade" offers a couple minutes of moments from that event.
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