Gadget Review: Venturo Slim Laptop Backpack from Moshi

This stylish laptop bag is high-priced but highly versatile.

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Images courtesy of Moshi.

Finding a laptop bag that can be both practical and stylish can be challenging. Moshi hopes it has the answer with its Venturo Slim Laptop Backpack.

Designed to carry the combo of a laptop with a 15-inch or smaller screen and a tablet, the Venturo has a premium price tag of almost $120. What you get for your money, however, is a range of handy features, a classy look, lots of pockets and various carrying options. This combination puts the Venturo a cut above your average black laptop bag in terms of looks and versatility.

VenturoSide.jpgThe Venturo we received for this review was all black on the outside except for the zippers and adjustable shoulder strap, which are bright orange. The inside is all orange. The bright color provides a stark contrast to the serious black but is just obvious enough to give the Venturo a modern and slightly funky vibe without being garish. If this combination is not to your taste, though, three other color mixes are available.

The outside of the Venturo has zippers to access five compartments. One zipper extends across the top and about an inch down each side and provides access to the internal section where the laptop sits. Two of the other zippers are discretely concealed on the front. One is about three inches down from the top and creates a pocket that extends almost the width of the bag. Below this is a zipper running at an angle that opens into a pocket about the size of a 7-inch tablet.

A fourth external zipper is on the back of the Venturo and runs vertically behind the shoulder strap and above a rectangle of padding that makes the Venturo comfortable to carry as a backpack. This pocket is only a few inches deep and so might be ideal for a smartphone or documents that you want to keep in a discreet place, such as passports. The final zipper is on one end and allows you to open up a net pouch with a drawstring that would be ideal for a small water bottle.

venturo-bags-laptop-backpack-venturo-black-2990.pngAlso on the outside of the Venturo are three carrying options that make the Venturo easy to take with you whether you drive or bike to work, have a daily commute on public transit or are a frequent international traveler. There is one handle on the top, one on the side and the shoulder strap. The strap goes across the body and is adjustable using a quick release catch. The catch makes it easy to adjust the strap to your size when you put the bag on. The strap can easily become loose, though, if you don't set the locking mechanism properly.

Unlike many laptop bags, the Venturo doesn't have a ton of pockets and pouches inside and those it does have are all in the main internal compartment. The two largest pouches are the right size to hold a laptop and a tablet. Overlapping these is the customary strap that attaches to a Velcro pad to prevent inserted devices from falling out.

In addition to the large pouches are a narrow pocket made of netting that would be useful for flash drives or other small items, and two square pockets about the size of CDs. The absence of one or more rings for a pen or stylus is surprising. Although these tools can be stashed in the netting pocket, they wont be as easy to access there as they would be in dedicated holders.

venturo-bags-laptop-backpack-venturo-black-2988.pngNotwithstanding minor design quibbles, the Venturo has a lot in its favor, from its modern, stylish design to its versatility. With it's premium price it is clearly targeted at the professional who is looking for something slightly unconventional but not so brash that it will cause an awkward silence in a business meeting. If that's the kind of laptop bag you are looking for, the Venturo should be able to carry it off.

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