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The Actor, the Father, the Prince, and the Palace Maid

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This blind item is short and intriguing.

A famous actor had a gossipy father. He was well-versed in the secrets of high society and of diplomatic and royal circles. (This is the father, not the actor, you understand.) One of his favourite stories, which he gladly recounted at top dinner parties, concerned a prince of a European dynasty who had a youthful but short-lived affair with a lowly palace maid. What was surprising about this story was that at this stage of his life the prince was rumoured to be gay... especially in the world in which the gossipy father’s son moved.

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Margaret Holder has been writing about the Royal Family in newspapers and magazines for thirty years. She also broadcasts frequently on the BBC, both radio and television. She reckons she has now written more royal documentaries than anyone else in the world. Some are still being shown on channels in…

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