Halloween Isn't the Only Night to Be Naughty! Meet Lalas Burlesque Creator: Erin Lamont

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The Lalas Burlesque

On Saturday night I was driving home from a concert and I looked to my left and saw a Erin.jpgNaughty Witch. I looked to my right and saw a Naughty Red Riding Hood and her Big Bad Wolf. Crossing in front of me was a very-Very-VERY Naughty Occupy This Protestor accompanied by a tongue wagging Wall Street Suit and I got to thinking.... Shouldn't we all express our inner naughty a whole lot more than just on Halloween? Why not?

So I turned to the expert to ask her opinion on what makes some women so damn sexy and how every woman can find her inner naughty! Erin Lamont founded Hollywood's hottest burlesque troupe, The Lalas Burlesque in Manhattan Beach in July of 2009. She scraped together a crew of hot dancers and they hit the club wearing barely there costumes performing to music that Erin now humbly describes as "SO BAD."

They've been booked solid since with over 100 performances under their garters and Erin's troupe has grown from four dancers wearing their own bras and hot pants to a meticulously choreographed, costumed troupe of some of LA's most beautiful, powerful, talented performers. Her business has also expanded to include a sassy line of lingerie and costume wear - Lalas Burlesque Couture, burlesque lessons and a burgeoning media empire.

on set ktla.JPGWhile I know you are dashing out of work early today to grasp that last little bit of naughty left before November hits, spend a moment with Erin, because you might just wake up tomorrow and either find your inner Lala or wake up next to a woman who has found hers!

When did you start the Lalas Burlesque?

I started The Lalas in July 2009 in Manhattan Beach - Upper Manhattan Lounge was our first show. I was just looking at pictures from the first show - and started cackling. The girls wore their own bras, a few articles of clothing that MIGHT resemble a costume, and the music was just - well. I can't even talk about it. It was SO BAD, and it was all my fault, BUT, the crowd loved it - and we kept coming back so I eventually began to get it.I learned what worked, what compelled the audience and frankly, I learned that burlesque was way more about the women who attended than the men!

What makes The Lalas Burlesque Different?
IT all comes down to the girls, and the choreography. EVERYONE can do burlesque. I'm not trying to recreate the wheel. The Lalas are the best damn burlesque troupe in LA because I have the most vibrant, sexy, intriguing, presence demanding women. They are the shit. I can't speak highly enough about them. When someone sees a Lalas show for the first time - I LOVE their faces. Seriously!

We just performed at The Room in Hollywood and I was watching this group of two girls sitting at the bar while my Lala, Saraanne performed. They were cracking me up - their oohs, their ahhs, hearing them say "she is f-in hot" and then turn to me and say - your girls are AWESOME. Makes it all worth it.

The Lalas Burleque is a troupe about women finding their inner Lala. Every woman watching my girls wants to be them, and well all the guys want to ..... You get it. It's about the power of sexy a woman finds in herself.

How many different dancers have you had over the years? What are they doing

Well, there have been some staff changes. Nature of the beast in my biz. Some of my original dancers are on world tours with Katy Perry and Ricky Martin. I was so annoyed (insert my laughter) but not really of course. I was truly happy for their booking, but sad for me because I love watching them on stage.

Others? I have a girl that is ALWAYS working on set. I mean, she is a machine and never available, which is awesome (for her..)

This is a business first and foremost.  My job and goal is to be an international brand name, and make moolah so I can live on the strand in Manhattan Beach. These things will happen - and happen very soon. But I digress - the bottom line.....

Not any dancer can be a Lala PERIOD! Not to sound all ABC Family on you - but it is a sister hood.  These girls are team players but can stand on their own.

Who are the stars of The Lalas Burlesque?

Biggest star - Tonya Kay has a HUGE following. She just wears so many damn hats - and can do so many different things. I mean, come on - a celebrity raw vegan, grinder girl, whip, fire, stilt, aerial dancer - that HAS modern/ballet technique? Seriously? @tonyakay

TonyaKay.jpgUp and comer?

I just met a few months ago my Donna Hood. She is f-in hilarious. The first time I met her actually (she was referred to me) she was late to a gig - and came to the shoot running into the studio - in curlers and no makeup, clutching her dance bag cursing in her southern Texas accent.  I just started laughing and said to myself - 'Damn, I kind of already like her.'

You were recently on CSI: NY as a burlesque dancer, has there been a rise - or re-rise- of burlesque in media?

Yes and no. I think the movie Burlesque brought a surge for a few months of people trying to recreate the movie, but in terms of burlesque rising, I like how underground and taboo it still is. People still raise an eyebrow and are intrigued - when burlesque is done CORRECTLY.

So..... Lalas Burlesque Couture?!?!?

The Lalas Couture blew up while I was on vacation interestingly enough. I received an order the day before I left for Hawaii asking for a total of about 150 bras. Needless to say I am already bad on those "relaxing" vacations as it is. I always need to be doing something. So I couldn't wait to leave Kauai (who says that?) I was driving my husband crazy anyway.

BUT - The Lalas Couture is blowing up and all I'm doing about it is laughing and smiling and cranking out a ton of bras. I tried hiring out to help with some people - and I FINALLY found a helper. But the bottom line is that no one is going to care as much about this line as I will, so I hand make almost all of them.

Next up.... Christmas burlesque-y bras. What says Christmas better than a sexy red feather bra with rhinestones and fringe?

Ladies...... Get your Holiday Naughty On!
The Lalas Burlesque, because every woman has an inner Lala!

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