Nairobi to New York: Working to Save Kids Around the World and Yeah, I Was on The Bachelor

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Today, I am embarking on a mission to help children across the world live healthy lives and I am thrilled to be able to share this story with you all. I also really need your help. Last summer I traveled to Kenya for the first time and was so taken by the number of orphans there and the poor state of health care, water born disease and malnutrition, I made a commitment to return and help.

In rural Kenya, I will teach neonatal care to local health providers, as well as outfit a women's health clinic with the supplies they need to provide adequate perinatal care to pregnant women. I currently sponsor one of the orphans, Cosmas, who is just one of thousands of orphans in his village struggling to survive.

One out of every two children don't make it past age five due to malnutrition, poor perinatal care, and water borne disease. I am determined to get at least 50 other children in Cosmas' village sponsored. Want to help by sponsoring a child and saving a life? Click here.

RunningWKenyans.pngMy heart is in this and helping kids live healthy lives is my mission. I'm putting my own heart to the test! I will conclude my month of medical care and teaching in Kenya by running the Nairobi Marathon with Team World Vision on October 31, and then travel to New York City to run the ING NY Marathon just a week later.

The ING Run For Something Better Program is helping to establish school running and fitness programs for children across America. It is a world of contrasts where in Kenya children run everyday to fetch dirty water and struggle to survive, meanwhile in America the rise in childhood obesity due to inactivity and poor diet is leading to teenage diabetics and epidemic levels of childhood illness.

Orange Laces.png

Kids are our future, so we all better do something! How can we not?

IRunForSomethingBetter.pngSo I was on The Bachelor. Yep, I get it, that's why I have the opportunity to communicate with so many of you. I'll probably still be The Bachelor even after I'm married, but if that's what it takes to tell these stories and share this message, then sure - I'm Bachelor Navy Dr. Andy.

God bless you. Together we can make a difference.

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