For Some Hollywood Heavyweights, Thin Is What's In

Did these stars lose weight for their health, or their careers?

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There appears to be a worrying trend amongst ‘larger than life’ celebrities who have slimmed down considerably since finding fame.

They became famous through their characters whose huge personalities had clothes sizes to match, but sadly more often than not, that just doesn’t cut it in Hollywood. In order to get the choice roles you have to look, and fit, the part as these stars have obviously come to realise.


No doubt tired of being pigeonholed into the ‘fat friend’ roles, funny men Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill (above) have shed pounds, becoming shadows of their former selves. Get Him To The Greek star Hill is virtually unrecognisable after losing around 40lbs in an effort to get healthy.

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times about slimming down, he said, "It’s not fun. I wouldn’t say it’s the most fun endeavour I’ve ever took on in my life - but it’s important. And I’m enjoying it."

Important for his health of for his career I wonder?


But Hill and Rogen (above) are not alone, as there appears to be a familiar pattern emerging with bigger celebrities who shrink down dramatically as their star rises. Take the stunning but almost unrecognisable Jennifer Hudson (top photo). She appeared on American Idol in 2004 and despite coming seventh, went on to become one of the show’s most successful contestants. Hudson appeared in hit film Dreamgirls alongside Beyonce Knowles, Eddie Murphy and Jamie Foxx, picking up an Oscar, a Golden Globe and a BAFTA along the way.

She achieved all this as a U.S. size 16, unconventional in Hollywood, but in 2010 Jennifer had a sudden about turn and began to slim down, embarking on a total body transformation. In April that year the Oscar winner became a spokesman for Weight Watchers eight months after giving birth to her son David Jr and quickly started to shed the excess pounds.

This weight loss ‘phenomenon’ isn’t isolated to L.A. either; there are many British stars who have also shrunk down.


Brit exports Ricky Gervais (below) and Sophie Dahl (above) have slimmed down considerably in recent years.

Ironically, Dahl found fame as a plus size model before bowing to pressure and losing not only a tonne of weight, but her pride too. She was considered an inspiration for women everywhere; taking the fashion world by storm and making them see that big can be beautiful too. By slimming down so dramatically, it appeared to many as though she was admitting what others had always thought - that larger women have no right to be beautiful.


Fellow Brit, comedian Ricky Gervais found fame portraying the portly boss from hell David Brent in the mock documentary The Office but shed over two stone before his 50th birthday this summer.

In typical humorous form, Gervais told People magazine last year, "It wasn't so much about the weight. It was more that I was a fat, lazy, out-of-shape slob, to be honest."

With the stars all so eager to shed those unwanted pounds it really makes the phrase ‘it’s what’s on the inside that counts’ redundant. It’s sad that you can win as many Oscars, Emmys or BAFTA awards as possible but ultimately they are only achievements if you look the part. After all, as any self-respecting starlet knows, nothing says ‘success’ quite like a size zero clothes tag.

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