Pippa's Pilates Posterior

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In the weeks since last month's fabulous royal wedding, there has been as much attention paid to Duchess Kate's beautiful sister Pippa Middleton. Now why the sister of the bride shouldn't also look fabulous is beyond me. After all, the Middletons are quite an attractive family.

But it's not just Pippa that we're so interested in, it's that fabulous backside of hers. I mean, what woman wouldn't want that perfect posterior? Men love it! In fact, according to OK Magazine, Pippa received a $5 million pornography offer after the wedding photos were released.

While genetics certainly plays some role here (and that fab McQueen dress didn't hurt either), exercise is definitely a primary, if not deciding, factor in butt shape and size. Without exercise the large gluteus maximus muscle and the smaller muscles near it (gluteus minimus and medius) lose their tone. The flesh starts to hang and lose shape and elasticity. The dimples start to go, and basically, the cheeks start to blend right into the legs with very little definition - not a good look!

pippa.jpgThose of you who know about Pilates are certainly aware of how much the butt is emphasized in all Pilates exercises on all of the Pilates apparatus and the mat. In fact, Pilates elder Romana Kryzanowska used to say that she could tell immediately if someone did Pilates by the lift and tone of his or her tushie, and I definitely see the difference in my own backside as well as on my clients, even those who only enter the studio once or twice a week. And since Pippa left a lovely testimonial on her London Pilates studio's website, I would give the Pilates some credit here.

The best Pilates exercises to give you a beautiful backside are bridging and planking. Here is a short series combining these exercises that you can follow at home to start gaining some definition in your derriere!

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