Michael Jackson Writes Songs From The Great Beyond, Duane Allman Really Is A Free Bird, and Bret Michaels Sees Dead People

Real celebrity ghost stories...

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In all the flurry and tributes on the second anniversary of Michael Jackson's death comes the news that there's a German woman in Melbourne, Florida who has been communicating with Jackson since shortly after his passing. This central Florida mother of two has chronicled her almost daily messages and directives from the star and chronicled it all in an e-book -- This Is It, by Sylvia Schentazky -- which includes three songs and a poem he wrote for Elizabeth Taylor before her death.

According to the author, Jackson contacted her from the grave, calling her  "Lilly" after a "sister in a past life," and "the only one who could deliver his message." If you really need to hear it for yourself, you can go to her website and for $14.95 you can download a copy. You can also contact Sylvia yourself, but she'd prefer you didn't do it on the astral plane. On her website, she has an e-mail contact button and her snail mail address.

In other celebrity news, Gregg Allman tells The Morton Report that he's still in contact with his brother Duane, but it took a Georgia psychic to point it out for him.

Do you think history has accurately represented your brother?

Gregg Allman: Boy, I really think it has. I think for what he did and for the length of time he did, and as genius as it was, he had made a big footprint. I would venture to say that had it been me instead of him, there wouldn't have been too many ripples in the water. No, I mean I think he's real, real happy with me that I kept on going, and I owe a lot of it to him and I feel a lot of him coming through me. And I have this psychic friend that lives near me, she's about three docks down on the river here.

Anyway she's a psychic and she works for the government, she works for the police department. She does lots of things. She said, when I first met her I hated her guts because she said, you know, your brother comes around all the time. He's always around you, can't you feel him? And I just, that's like who in the fuck can you think you are? You know, telling me that even after so many years, you know, that I've longed for my brother and all that. Come to say, oh, yeah, man. She said he takes the form of a little bird. He wakes me up every morning. That little bird comes to my window every single morning of my life.

Finally, the new season of Celebrity Ghost Stories  reveals that Bret Michaels is a true believer in ghosts, after his late grandmother appeared right in front of him. The Poison frontman, who almost died himself two years ago, admitted that he has had two paranormal experiences in his lifetime - but the most harrowing one was when he saw and felt his grandmother. "I believe I've absolutely, for sure, seen an apparition in my life... I felt the presence of someone come up and put their hands on my shoulders. It was a warm  feeling. It was almost like a friend. I turn around, it was my grandma."

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