Courtney Love Gets A Job: Legal Bills Will Be Paid

Someone is paying Courtney to do what she does for free on Twitter.

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In case you're worried about how Courtney Love is going to pay for all those recent court costs, we wanted to put your mind at rest. She just got a job.

According to XOJane, the new online venture of Jane and Sassy founder Jane Pratt, Love has begun penning a "more or less" weekly column for them. Why? Because they asked her, and their ethos appeals to her. "Jane is anti-shame. Pro-slut," explains Love in her first missive. 

The inaugural column debuted on May 31, and detailed her recent trip to Istanbul, but saying that isn't doing her justice. It's like a page ripped out of a messy diary, or a stream of consciousness confessional. Will it keep her off Twitter? Probably not. In her first column she confesses that she has a secret Twitter account. It's up to the faithful to figure out what pseudonym she's posting under.

Until that, you can go to XOJane and read her in the long form.


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