The Movie Spew: Javier Bardem Is the Next Bond Villain

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The wheels are in motion for the latest James Bond movie and the pedigree of talent involved seems uncommonly high for the never-ending spy series. The producers have typically tried to keep name directors away from the franchise so that the stars, cars, explosions, and pretty ladies would always be the focus of the filmmaking.

However this time Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes (American Beauty) has been handed over the reins to the franchise and as a result it’s looking like this might be a slightly more prestigious Bond outing than we’re used to.

Case in point: today it was announced that another Oscar-winning talent has signed up for the project. None other than Javier Bardem has been tapped to play the next Bond villain. The idea that Daniel Craig’s latest foe with a world domination plot will be portrayed by the man who made hilariously asexual '70s hairdos frightening in No Country for Old Men is undeniably exciting.

Bardem spilled the beans in a recent interview where he revealed, “They chose me to play this man, but I cannot give you many details.” So, we at least know that the new Bond villain won’t be in drag. I guess that’s a plus.

This is shaping up to be a pretty interesting James Bond movie. Hopefully it can live up to the hype and won’t weigh down the series’ inherent pulpy fun with self-important pretension. Nobody needs a thoughtful art-film variation on Bond, but a new chapter that actually takes time to develop plot and characters wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. Hopefully the experiment ends well.

Don Johnson to Be a Racist for Quentin Tarantino

Not content to merely spoil Leonardo DiCaprio and Kurt Russell’s bright-eyed movie star images by casting them as disgusting racists, today Quentin Tarantino has added Miami Vice’s Don Johnson to his growing cast of slave owners in Django Unchained. The actual character that Johnson will play in Tarantino’s slavery spaghetti western is unclear, but given how white folk were in those days, a racist role is assured.


Weirdly, Johnson has been enjoying a wave of stunt casting recently. First he popped up in Robert Rodriguez’s Machete, then he hilariously played Kenny Powers’ long-lost father in Eastbound and Down, and now Johnson will be joining Tarantino, the directorial king of reviving dead careers. Apparently Tarantino had been courting Johnson about the role for months and he kept turning it down, but the actor finally gave in and is officially part of the movie as of today.

I can’t imagine why Johnson would possibly turn down a role in a Quentin Tarantino joint at this stage in his career, but we’ve got to assume that means he’ll be playing a very twisted character who is outside of his smiling tough guy wheel house. It should be pretty exciting to see how this movie turns out. Even if it’s a mess (and with the potentially inflammatory subject matter, it could be), this will be a trainwreck that everyone and their dog will have to experience.

The Avengers Trailer Is Here

And finally let’s end off this day in movie news in the only appropriate way: with some big explosions. The trailer for this summer’s super blockbuster The Avengers is officially on the Internet and it looks pretty good. I was initially skeptical of Marvel’s plans to bring all of their most iconic creations to the big screen and then combine them in a big crossover team-up, but after seeing how well each of those characters was developed over the past few years, this sucker is starting to sound exciting.


Clearly there will be many fights and explosions and with geek-friendly director Joss Whedon behind the camera, we can also assume that the film will both please the comic book nerds and take the time to develop characters between the fight scenes. This sucker should be interesting even though it is destined to be the second biggest comic book blockbuster of the summer after The Dark Knight Rises.

God willing, we’ll be seeing a trailer for that movie very soon as well.

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