Sony Free Game Offer Expires, People Complain, Deal Back On

Those late to the PSN giveaway actually get their way with an extended deal

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After PSN came back up, Sony's Welcome Back program took effect. From the PlayStation Store, you could snag two PS3 games and two PSP games, plus get a free month of PlayStation Plus. A whole 30 days ago, you could have snagged that veritable grab bag of digital goodies, but some people are procrastinators, and apparently not happy.

Undoubtedly, people were holding out until the last day to redeem their free month of PS Plus to ensure they maximized their enrollment, which was smart. Unless, of course, you realized the official details never stated an exact time for the deal expiration, and that turned out to be sometime in the afternoon on July 3rd.

Those that waited began bombing Sony with tweets and blog posts were overburdened with comments, and surprisingly, Sony said they were wrong. It's the right call from a corporate perspective especially considering what they've been through with PSN, and really, it doesn't cost them anything. So, if you were one of the ones who waited, once you're done blowing things up to celebrate America, hop onto PSN for your final chance to get free stuff. The offer now really, really expires on July 5th, 9am Pacific.

Ah, blowing stuff up and free video games. America is awesome.

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