Little Monsters Attack Black Keys Drummer

Patrick Carney drowns his pain in lobster and drawn butter.

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So much for Lady Gaga's anti-bullying message. Her security team manhandled a fan who attempted to take her photo during a bash at the Standard Hotel's Top of the Standard that she co-hosted with V magazine editor Stephen Gan and designer Nicola Formichetti following the Fashion Icon Award at the Council of Fashion Designers of America gala this past Monday. She was there with her utterly normal looking parents and her former boyfriend, Luc Carl, who didn't seem all that former to us.

The singer appeared very effusive all evening, but later that night when Gaga was exiting the rooftop bar, a fan took a photo of her with his phone. A partygoer told the New York Post, "one of her over-protective security guards starred roughing him up. He pushed the guy up the stairs, grabbed his phone and threw it then dragged him back onto the roof." To Gaga's credit, the source said that she "looked embarrassed and shook her head." Make that green-bobbed head. Not that it matters.

We wonder what she did when she heard that her Little Monsters were pummeling Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney with angry tweets after he compared the "Born That Way" singer to Madonna. This war of words began last month when Carney watched the singer on Saturday Night Live and tweeted dryly: "Madonna is killing it!" When no one picked up on it, he lobbed another strategically placed insult this week and then the torrent began.

It didn't matter that he backed off, saying, "Hey, little monsters! Everyone knows lady gaga sounds nothing at all like Madonna. I was joking! I am so depressed," he said, the tweet allegedly sent from the Red Lobster, where he no doubt he was drowning his frustrations in drawn butter.

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