D Generation Reunite for Short Summer Tour: Howie Pyro Spills All

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In case you've been lamenting the end of glam since David Bowie wiped that golden circle off his pasty forehead, we've got good news for you. Nineties postmodern glam warlords D Generation will reunite this September for a few shows in the U.S. and Europe. The band's original line-up - Jesse Malin, Danny Sage, Howie Pyro, Michael Wildwood and Richard Bacchus - will play together for the first time since they broke up in 1999.

While there is no new music - one can only hope if this goes as well as the Buffalo Springfield reunion there will be - but the rather over-dressed New Yorkers will be revisiting songs from their three flashy, rude, and utterly rock albums, including No Lunch, produced by Rick Ocasek, chosen no doubt because of his tonsorial similarity to lead singer Jesse Malin's unruly coiffure. To DGen fans everywhere this comes as a huge relief, rescuing Malin from the alt country ghetto he's resided in for most of the '00s, encouraged by his pal Ryan Adams.


August 18 El Corazon, Seattle
September 2 Benidorm, Spain
September 3 Santander, Spain
September 17 Irving Plaza, NYC
September 23 Casbah, San Diego
September 24 Troubadour, LA
September 25 Uptown Theater Oakland

The Morton Report cornered Howie Pyro, DGen founding bassist and currently "head tard" at Internet radio station Intoxica where every Tuesday night at 9:00 PST he plays a strange and intoxicating brew of tunes his all-vinyl record collection of more than 30,000 titles.

How did the DGen reunion come about?

We've been turning down offers for a while now, but things seemed to line up at this time. I have been getting more email and messages on public sites like Facebook from kids and  old fans than ever before. We're all alive, getting great offers, and I think the time is right for us to just do this now for the people that have been waiting a long time to see it and more so for kids that seem to really want to see what they missed.

Besides seeing new bands my whole life, I have always wanted to see bands I missed. When the Troggs played Max's [Kansas City] I was just as excited to see that as I was too see the Ramones so why should we deny those kids? They want to see us.

Is it the first time you guys have played together since you broke up in 1999?

No, we did one mini three-song set at the John Varvatos store (where CBGB's used to be) a few years ago in a big "revue" show with Ian  Hunter, Alan Vega, Joan Jett, and Wayne Kramer.

Have you rehearsed at all?

I was flown to NYC to do a DJ gig last month so we did one sort of  preliminary run-through.

What will you wear?

We will do an all nude set. Or possibly something, uh, black.

Do you think this could turn into something if all goes well on the dates?

We all are busy with our lives. I'm constantly on tour deejaying all over the world and have my radio show (Intoxica Radio), most of us have bands so I don't know what it will turn into. Everyone has an open mind, but if ya wanna see it definitely go now!

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