D.C. Housewife Not Kidnapped: She Ran Off with Journey Guitarist

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Sometimes life seems like reality TV. But when a reality star is involved, the amplitude is turned up. Yesterday Tareq Salahi, the husband of Real Housewives of D.C. cast member Michaele Salahi, took to his iPad to alert TMZ that his wife of eight years had gone missing and that he believed that she’d been “kidnapped,” because she had gone without taking any of her belongings.

While the couple have lived a rather outrageously public life, culminating two years ago in an attempt to crash a White House state dinner in 2009, it seemed that the showy head of the Oasis Winery family was truly worried, calling the Warren County (VA) sheriff’s department on Tuesday to report his wife missing, raising fears that she had been abducted. But it turned out that his fears were unfounded. Kind of.

The tall, stunning blonde hadn’t been abducted, but instead slipped out of their northern Virginia home to run off with Journey guitarist Neal Schon. Apparently it wasn’t a spur of the moment thing; the couple have been acquainted with the arena rockers since back in 2007, when the band played at Salahi-organized polo matches, and once shot a video for the Salahi-run charity, Journey for the Cure. TMZ found out that Michaele had dated Schon in the past, quoting her as saying it was an “intimate and passionate relationship.” If you look for them, you can find clues anywhere.

A rep for the band confirmed that Michaele was in Memphis where Journey was performing with Foreigner, while the Warren County sheriff’s department confirmed that they had indeed been in contact with Michaele Salahi, reporting that she had left home willingly, but she told them that she didn’t want her husband to know her location.

Tareq Salahi's attorney, David Silek, told ABC's Good Morning America on Thursday that it's premature to say whether the couple would get a divorce. But to have another shot at reality TV? That’s still up in the air. Would any of this had happened if The Real Housewives of D.C. has been renewed for a second season?

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