Neil Young To Collaborate with Bon Iver: Get in Line

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You'd think Neil Young would have enough on this hands with reanimating the lost, but never forgotten, Buffalo Springfield for the seven-show tour - after they laid dormant for 43 years - culminating in a massive blowout show this Saturday at Bonnaroo, and now announcing a blitzkrieg 30-day tour this fall. Then he plans to oversee re-releasing the three extant Buffalo Springfield albums, and then there's the possibility of recording a new Springfield album of new songs, if Richie Furay is to be believed. But Springfield's rhythm guitarist has been a pastor at the  Calvary Chapel in Broomfield Colorado since the late '80s and he has no reason to lie.

In an interview with AP, the musician revealed that while no one has committed to anything beyond the fall tour,  there are songs being written.

"We haven't discussed, you know, 'Hey, we're going to sit down and we're going to write ten new songs,'" Furay said. "Neil's so prolific anyway. Stephen told me the other day he had a song. I've been writing music. So I just think it's obvious that something may transpire like that, it may come to pass."

"When we got together it was just a special moment," Furay told us. "I mean maybe because I wasn't even looking for anything like this to ever happen, but for our lives to just be crossing again in each other's lives, that was tremendous. When we first got together last October, there were no agendas. And there was none of that 'I'm the guy that's been the big star for the last 40 years.' We were Stephen and Neil and Richie and then we brought Joey [Vitale] and Rick [Rosa] into it. It was just simple. It was easy. We rehearsed for a week before the show and then we were ready to play for the people and we've played very, very well. It was almost to me like we picked up musically where we were in 1965, only better."

Regardless of all that hyperactivity, rock's second most famous icon reportedly has been in touch with young emo buck Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon with an eye to working together on a possible collaboration. In an interview with The Guardian, Vernon confessed that while he's been feeling a little swamped with all the celebrity love he's getting since his self-titled second album came out, he just can't bring himself to turn anything down.

"I think the easiest way to explain it is that before, when I had other jobs or whatever, all I ever wanted to do was play music all of the time," he said.

"So now whenever anything comes along - a Peter Gabriel cover, or recording Hadestown with Anaïs - it's like yes! Of course!"

He added: "And then you get tired, and you think, 'Well, I'd better say no to everything from now on'. But then the Kayne [West] thing happens."

"Or... Neil Young called two days ago, and I'm almost like, 'Oh f**k', because whatever he's going to say I'm going to want to deal with, you know?"

As for Young, he was camped out in Nashville counting down the hours before they unleashed the reinvigorated Springfield and couldn't be reached for comment. As for future projects: Vernon might just have to get in line. Crazy Horse drummer Ralph Molina has been posting some oblique messages on his Facebook page that the Horse might be ready to saddle up again.

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