New Collection Sets For David Sylvian, World Party

These elaborate sets kick off 2012 with anticipated and important collections.

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David Sylvian is best known for his tenure in Japan, a band from the late '70s/early '80s that was on many watchlists. Japan intrigued their fans as they experimented in many musical styles while embracing the look of the emerging '80s fashions, thereby becoming an immediate favorite. David Sylvian spearheaded that band as their major songwriter and their vocalist, pushing them to greater musically innovative lengths.

As always seems to happen, creative differences arose and David Sylvian left to pursue a decades-long solo career. Since, Sylvian has released a series of well-received solo and collaboration albums including a new stint with former members of Japan in a project called Rain Tree Crow (well worth seeking out). He has worked with Fripp, Sakamoto, and others.

On April 3, EMI/Virgin will release a two-CD collection celebrating the work of David Sylvian in a collection called A Victim of Stars 1982-2012. This set will shine a light on 31 of Sylvian’s notable tracks. Once thought to be a non-existent promise, it is assured that the collection will arrive on British shelves on February 27, and April 3 for US fans.

Track Listings:


Ghosts (Remix)
Bamboo Houses
Bamboo Music
Forbidden Colours
Red Guitar
The Ink In The Well
Pulling Punches
Taking The Veil
Silver Moon
Let The Happiness In
Pop Song
Every Colour You Are
Heartbeat (Tainai Kaiki II)


Jean The Birdman
Alphabet Angel
I Surrender
Darkest Dreaming
A Fire In The Forest
The Only Daughter
Late Night Shopping
Wonderful World
The Banality Of Evil
Darkest Birds
Snow White in Appalachia
Small Metal Gods
I Should Not Dare
Where’s Your Gravity? (New track)


Karl Wallinger is another notable musician who has moved between several bands of importance including The Waterboys, where he assisted Mike Scott in the recording of A Pagan Place (1984), and This Is the Sea (1985). But Wallinger is best known for his affiliation with his own band, World Party. In 1986, World Party released Private Revolution, which enjoyed hits with “Ship Of Fools” and the album’s title track.

Karl Wallinger via his World Party band released four more albums that included Goodbye Jumbo (1990), Bang! (1993), Egyptology (1997), and Dumbing Up (2000). Of those, Goodbye Jumbo made a splash by being nominated for a Grammy for best alternative music performance, generating a hit with “Way Down Now.”

On April 10, Wallinger will unleash quite a collection of rare World Party studio tracks, demos, B-sides, covers, radio performances, and live cuts. This treasure trove will be encased within the confines of five CDs to be known as Arkeology.

Arkeology will add bonuses in a 142-page ‘any-year’ diary , completely useable. The diary will contain memorabilia, notes, and photos to make for a unique experience.

Both collections are highly anticipated by fans of each artist.


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