Pablo Picasso Was Never Called an A**hole, But Kurt Cobain Was

Butch Vig and Nirvana's Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl agree to be grilled over an open pit.

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Even though producer Butch Vig confessed to Rolling Stone that Kurt Cobain was a “pain in the ass” while they were recording Nevermind back in 1991, he has consented to take part in a Q&A on Sirius XM Radio along with Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic in front of a very small studio audience at the station’s New York City offices to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the recording of the groundbreaking album.

For two hours, the three former compatriots have agreed to be grilled by Daily Show host Jon Stewart, who plans to get every scintilla of gossip, fact, and Nirvana arcana out of them. The whole confab will be able to be heard by Sirius XM subscribers on a very special version of “Town Hall With Nirvana” to be aired at 8:00 pm on the station's Lithium channel, 34. And yes, it is named after the Pearl Jam song—playing grunge and rock and ‘90s alternative bands.

Still Screaming After All These Years

Dave Grohl is spending a lot of wading through own past. His very first band, Scream, is back from the dead with Grohl’s help. Perhaps the second most incendiary band on the burgeoning DC hardcore scene, the band was notorious for their uncontrollable live shows, and their trail of broken hearts.

Now 30 years later, they’re releasing the Complete Control Sessions EP—executive produced by Grohl—and doing a run of shows, featuring the band’s original line up, sans Grohl, including singer Pete Stahl, guitarist (and former Foo Fighter) Franz Stahl, bassist Skeeter Thompson, drummer Kent Stax, and newish guitarist Clint Walsh.

While they originally recorded for Dischord, their new EP is out on Side One Dummy, the little label that could, who brought you Gaslight Anthem, founded by the former multi-colored mohawk-wearing Joe Sib who you probably know better as the singer of Wax.

Here's where you can see Scream:

8/25 Oakland, CA - The Uptown
8/26 San Jose, CA - The Blank Club
8/27 Long Beach, CA - Alex's Bar
8/28 Eagle Rock, CA - Permanent Records (free all ages in-store)
8/31 Denver, CO - Marquis Theater
9/2 Seattle, WA - The Funhouse
9/4 Portland, OR - East End

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