Paul McCartney to Marry This Weekend, Jeff Tweedy Says Wilco Are Nerds, and Ace and Gene Break Bread

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Paul McCartney and Neil Diamond Believe All You Need Is Love

Former Beatle Paul McCartney has proven himself the marrying kind. He is reportedly tying the knot for the third time this weekend with his girlfriend of four years, brainy and connected New York socialite Nancy Shevell. We’re not sure about what he made Shevell sign, but it cost him nearly $50 million to end his last marriage to one-legged model Heather Mills.

But that’s a pittance compared to Neil Diamond. After handing over $150 million in his last divorces, the 70-year-old love bug plans to marry Katie McNeil, his 41-year-old manager, without a pre-nup. He told the Shipper Report, “I’m not going to put a price tag on our love.”


You Are What You Listen To?

Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy admits to being Rush fan, and admits that Wilco is full of nerds. We’re not sure exactly how far his obsession goes, but we did know that Jeff Tweedy admitted during his solo Toronto show earlier this year that he almost met Neal Peart while the two of them were guests on a Canadian TV show. The Montreal Gazette picked up on it and cornered the usually much more subtle and music elitist about his teenage guilty pleasure.

Gazette: I have to ask about this, because I’m a huge Rush nerd and the band became a bit of a running joke at your solo show here earlier this year: At the show, you mentioned almost meeting Neil Peart in Toronto. What happened there?

Tweedy: Well, he was scheduled to be on the George Popolopolopo-whatever-his-name-is show; they film a couple of them in one day, and so he was on the next show but he wasn’t there yet and I had to leave. There was no big deal, but it was pretty exciting and I was excited to get an autograph for Glenn [Kotche, Wilco’s drummer], because he’s a huge fan and the band itself overall is populated with pretty major Rush fans.

I loved the bit of "The Spirit of Radio" that you plunked out at the show. I was hoping you were going to go all the way with that.

Tweedy: [Laughs] Yeah, I love Rush and I have a deep appreciation of them as people and as a band, more so now than when I was growing up, being a punk rock fan and there being a line in the sand at least at some point. And I heard it so much growing up around St. Louis - it was such a huge, huge thing that I was repelled by it. But I’ve always had a soft spot, maybe in a closeted kind of way, and I don’t have anything at this point in my life that I consider a guilty pleasure. I think that Rush has certainly earned their place, and I actually see a lot of similarities now in the way that they’ve existed … I mean, certainly we haven’t had the massive success that they’ve had, but there’s something really familiar to me about them. [Laughs] I just think that they’re nerds, and I feel like Wilco’s full of nerds, so I think that that’s probably the same thing.

You can take a quiz to see how much of a Rush fan you are.

KISS and Make Up?

Even though Ace Frehley told the Morton Report last month that relations between him and his former bandmates were chilly at best, he was spotted lunching a deux with about-to-be married Gene Simmons in Los Angles. According to witnesses the former KISS-mates appeared to be on friendly terms as they broke bread together last Monday, September 12. But just in case you’re getting your hopes up for a full-on KISS reunion, Simmons, always the realist, took to his Twitter account before the food was even digested and urged fans not to read too much into the get together.

He writes, "Ace and I had nice, friendly lunch together today. It was wonderful to see him. He looked healthy and happy. Nothing else was talked about. No rumors, please. Ace and I are both happy with our lives and are not changing anything."

Don’t bet on it. Our bet is the former Space Ace will appear on upcoming Family Jewels.


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