Sony Legacy to Reissue the Elvis Presley Classic Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite

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Hot on the heels of last November’s Prince from Another Planet, a CD/DVD box collecting Elvis Presley’s 1972 Madison Square Garden concerts, Sony Legacy will unleash another must-have set for fans of the King of Rock and Roll.

Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite: Legacy Edition is a two-disc set due for release in March of this year. Though there aren’t any previously unreleased tracks from the vault, the release will mark the first time Presley’s January, 1973 Honolulu International Center concerts have been assembled in this configuration. It has been 40 years since this historic performance was broadcast around the world (though the U.S. didn’t see it until April 4, 1973, roughly three months after it was recorded). Disc one contains the original quintuple platinum-certified Aloha from Hawaii album that topped Billboard’s album chart in ’73. This album consists of the second of two shows, taped January 14. That’s the one which was actually used for the record-breaking satellite broadcast.

The second disc features the so-called “dress rehearsal” show from January 12. This one didn’t surface commercially until 1988 as The Alternate Aloha. It had, in fact, been recorded as a safety in case there were technical problems with the live satellite broadcast. These tracks have been completely remixed from the original multi-track tapes by Steve Rosenthal and Rob Santos. Augmenting the second disc are five bonus tracks that were recorded, sans audience, immediately after the January 14 show (at the ungodly hour of approximately 3:00am). These tracks were intended to be used exclusively as part of the eventual U.S. broadcast of the show and eventually saw the light of day split between two album releases: A Legendary Performer Vol.2 in 1976 and Mahalo from Elvis in 1978.

Elvis Aloha from Hawaii cover (250x245).jpgThe 1973 Honolulu concert marked the first-ever global satellite broadcast of a complete concert, guaranteeing its historical value, even regardless of the quality of the performance itself. The booklet for Sony Legacy’s commemorative release will feature rare photos and an extensive new essay focusing on the Hawaiian concerts written by musician and producer Stuart Colman. Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite: Legacy Edition will be available in stores and via online retailers March 19, 2013.

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