Taking DIY A Little Too Far: Nick Hexum Delivers Baby, New Album

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Now that 311's Nick Hexum shuttered his Ginseng and Liberal Hexum clothing lines, it looks like he's planning another career a midwife.

Last month Hexum's wife Nikki went into labor early with the couple's second child, Maxine. Like any good partner, the musician called the couple's midwife to GET OVER THERE IMMEDIATELY! Unfortunately the contractions were coming too close together so the singer was forced to deliver Maxine himself.

"When I called the midwife to tell her the contractions were coming fast and hard, I was still calm. So calm that my wife yelled into the phone, 'Tell her to get here now!'" he told Us Weekly.

nick-and-baby.jpgDespite that initial calm, Hexum became concerned for his daughter's safety when he saw that the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck. Remembering the birth of his daughter, Echo, 21 months prior, he reached in and rotated the baby so she could be delivered. "When Max came out blue and not moving, I was real scared for a moment but then when I heard that first cry, it was a feeling of relief that I'll never forget," he said.

The midwife arrived soon after wards and cut the cord, and the proud parents didn't need to go to the hospital, just another way to support Obamacare.

So why tell us so later after the date? Because 311 are just about to announce another live birth: The So Cal rockers are putting the finishing touches on their 12th studio album Universal Pulse due out on July 19.

Pre-sale for Universal Pulse starts Monday (June 20) via 311's website. Everyone who orders will have a shot to score prizes from 311, including an autographed guitar, backstage passes, photo passes, concert tickets, and random autographed goodies, such as little Maxine's used diapers.

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