The Black Keys To Release New Album, El Camino


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The fusion of rock and blues from The Black Keys has always entertained. They serve it up like a regional favorite at a popular restaurant, on the hottest platter that can be handled. With a predilection for down and dirty rock like the middle ‘70s provided, The Black Keys follow the recipe like they were the originators.

The Black Keys are Dan Auerbach (vocals/guitars), and Patrick Carney (drums). Hailing from Akron, Ohio, the duo that sounds like they have a four-piece animal behind their music began their efforts in 2002 with the release of their debut album, The Big Come Up. The Big Come Up is a blues album extraordinaire that, not surprisingly, caught attention fast. With a strong opener, “Busted,” The Black Keys set the stage for what would become their expected signature sound. 

The Black Keys have released a steady stream of albums since then and followed up their debut with Thickfreakness (2003), Rubber Factory (2004), Magic Potion (2006), Attack & Release (2008), and last year’s excellent Brothers (2010), or if you insist, This Is An Album By The Black Keys, The Name Of This Album Is Brothers, just as the cover suggests. Not a bad song exists among them. If you need a feel, think what Marc Bolan might have musically become if he transformed his already heavy guitars towards a more definite bluesy stage.


Their new album, El Camino, is scheduled for release on December 6. It's expected to be eleven tracks of the same blues/rock brilliance that we’re accustomed to from this duo, and is planned for standard CD release, as well as a vinyl LP (with the CD included as a bonus) from the band’s current label, Nonesuch Records.

If you like your blues-oriented rock set on the same stage as those once trodden by Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Paul Kossoff, and their ilk, then this band has raw rock in the grooves for you. Auerbach may not pick the strings of his axe like those previously mentioned, but his energies are the same.

El Camino is one of my own hotly anticipated albums, one that I didn’t expect until 2012.  On October 26, the band released the album’s lead-off single, “Lonely Boy.”  Have yourself a complimentary listen to the song and decide for yourself.

The Black Keys - Lonely Boy by The Black Keys

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