BREAKING NEWS: President Obama To Address World on National Security

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UPDATE: Osama bin Laden is dead.

CNN - A Strange Mix of Slightly Confused Reporters is reporting that Osama bin Laden is dead.  Obama slays Osama. Teflon Terrorist has finally been defeated. Boy won't Donald Trump be pissed! 

CNN is reporting that they were waiting for DNA evidence that the body they had in custody was in fact Saudi-born Al Quaeda leader Osama bin Laden, who was the mastermind behind the horrific September 11, 2001 terrorist attack

Almost as interesting a question is why is CNN's John King making all these major announcements, rather than waiting for President Obama to make the statement. Also, John King sounds like he's either sauced or has recently had oral surgery.  Hmmm?

They are now reporting that Osama bin Laden's body is in U.S. custody. Perhaps the delay in the President's speech was landing a few post-mortem beatings to bin Laden's body.

With all the turmoil going on in the world, it will be interesting how this will play out in the Middle East. 

They are now reporting that Osama was killed while hiding out in a palatial mansion outside of Islamabad, Pakistan and perhaps members of his family were killed as well. So this raises another question: why was Pakistan harboring Osama bin Laden?  We've been led to believe that Osama was hiding in caves in the mountains of Afghanistan. This could cause a number of issues with U.S. relations with Pakistan. Clearly, something is amiss in what Pakistani security officials have been reporting to our military leaders.

Curiously, the announcement has been pushed back an hour, leading me to wonder, are they going to show Osama bin Laden's body - or some kind of verifiable evidence of his death.  Perhaps they should do a Vlad the Impaler kind of thing and put his head on a pike and post it on the White House lawn.  Photo op!!

John King is doing an excellent job pontificating on this breaking development after clearly being pulled away from 'wine night' at the King house.  Or perhaps he's just tired, his wife, fellow CNN correspondent Dana Bash is pregnant after all.

They are now reporting this was "human operation" not a drone.  Which means they clearly had some intelligence on his whereabouts, unlike the Bush administration which declared 'mission accomplished' in 2003.  Now, as we close in on the ten-year anniversary of 9/11 we have something significant to ponder.  The delay is being blamed on a speech re-write for the POTUS, it's possible he's dealing diplomatic interests, which might take precedent over sharing the good the news with the American people.  Newsflash: John King is still slurring. Someone send him home already.  Give him coffee first and call him a cab.

A small, but growing, boisterous crowd is gathering outside the White House gates, chanting "USA" and other patriotic songs.  Interesting...we are still waiting for the POTUS.

A 40-person "flash mob" of tourists has now grown to hundreds outside the White House gates.  Most of the faces in the crowd look to be a young, partying crowd.  Weird.  Are they even aware of what they are celebrating?  Crazy kids. 

There are bubbles, a wave of American flags and they are singing "Na na, na na, hey hey hey goodbye."  The numbers are continuing to grow and I don't know how, but they are wearing a vast number of patriotic accessories.  Maybe they sell that sort of thing at the White House for just these kinds of occasions. It's kind of insane. John King is still slurring.  Get him some Red Bull STAT.

Crowd is HUGE now outside the White House. Will President Obama come out for an encore?  Get the lighters out. Did I just hear someone scream "Freebird?"  Wow, it's turning into quite an event.


FINALLY - Here comes President Obama.

"The U.S. has conducted an operation which has killed Osama bin Laden."

abbottabad.jpgPresident Obama is delivering a somber, articulate and moving declaration on this breaking news about the death of the most wanted terrorist in the world. Obama is stating that in August he'd received news of Osama bin Laden was hiding out deep in Pakistan (Abbottabad, Pakistan approximately 2 hours from Islamabad) and an operation which took place TODAY resulted in the death of Osama bin Laden. The President is now stating that Pakistan DID help in the discovery and operations of Osama's whereabouts.  So that ends that speculation.

Being very presidential, Obama is reassuring the American people that we are a nation who stands by our military and their selfless efforts to protect us.  Amen to that!  He's also stating we will never stop in our efforts to secure our nation and the world at large from terrorists like Osama Bin Laden.  Wow, a royal wedding and the death of Osama bin Laden.  GREATEST WEEKEND EVER!

More news is coming out and they are stating this was a target operation and Navy Seals were involved.  If ever anyone questioned the tenacity of our military may they be shamed into silence.



News outlets are reporting that President Obama is about to make a dramatic announcement to the nation, and the world, about a matter dealing with national security. CNN is reporting that it is not related to Libya.

The announcement is set to occur at approximately 10:45pm. First I saw the announcement of something big coming on Twitter, then my Facebook.  As I was preparing my posts for Monday morning, the fervor on my social media accounts forced me to turn on the news, so now, like the rest of the world I await for what could be so alarming as to cause the President to alerts all media outlets to prepared for a speech from the POTUS.

Now they are moving the announcement up to 10:50. This is getting to be like NBC's The Event.  I hope there aren't aliens invading."

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