The Movie Spew: Chevy Chase Is Writing a New Vacation Movie?

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Chevy Chase Will Write His Own Damn Vacation Movie If No One Else Will Do It For Him

There have been rumors floating around recently about the possibility of a reboot for the popular Vacation franchise that would see Clark’s son Rusty take over the mantle of humiliating the family.

It certainly seems like the type of thing that would get made in Hollywood these days, but one man isn’t having it and unsurprisingly, that man is Chevy Chase. In a recent interview Chase revealed that he’s not interested in handing over the reins on the Vacation franchise to someone else (understandably so, given that playing a family man should be the one job in Hollywood that’s secure regardless of age), but is currently writing his own screenplay which he describes as follows: “I’ve written an idea that would be basically like a Swiss Family Griswold. There’s a cruise, there’s a fire on the ship, we think the whole ship’s on fire and we jump—it’s just a little fire—and we end up on an island where we meet Randy somewhere who’s been left there from an old Survivor series.”

That’s actually not a bad idea for a Vacation movie with the only wild cards being whether Chase’s script can come close to the John Hughes-penned originals or if Randy Quaid is currently stable enough to even play a nutcase like Cousin Eddie. Chase’s profile has risen recently thanks to Community, so it’s not impossible. We shall see…

Christian Bale Might Star in the Unnecessary Oldboy Remake


The 2003 Korean thriller Oldboy was easily one of the best movies made in the 2000s, an astoundingly entertaining revenge tale with a final twist that elevated it to the level of Greek tragedy. It’s something that any self-respecting movie lover must see, especially now that it’s apparently going to be remade in America by Spike Lee for some reason.

Today it’s been revealed that Christian Bale has been offered the role of the film’s villain, which anyone who saw the original will know is one hell of a part that Bale could definitely dig his teeth into.

Nothing’s official yet as Bale just won an Oscar and is currently finishing up work on The Dark Knight Rises. He can kind of do anything he wants at this point, so if he signs on for this role it will be a very good sign that the material hasn’t been watered down for Hollywood.

I can’t imagine how they’ll make it completely palatable for American audiences, but I’m curious and now that I know Bale could be involved, I have to see it. If Spike Lee sticks to the original storyline, unsuspecting audiences are going to be punched in the gut by the Oldboy remake. If it’s toned down, it’ll just be another quickly forgotten revenge movie, but at least it won’t tarnish the reputation of the original. I’m not sure which option is better.

Rob Corddry to Play a Zombie


Finally, in an announcement that we probably all should have considered inevitable, it appears that comedic genius and male pattern baldness advocate Rob Corddry will soon play a zombie. He’ll be appearing in Warm Bodies, a rather twisted sounding movie about a zombie who loves his flesh-eating ways until he finds a potential lady victim with whom he falls in love, and just might have to give up the whole undead thing for.

It’s actually a pretty good idea for a movie, provided that it’s a goofy dark comedy and not a movie that genuinely tries to make audiences fall in love with a zombie. That just doesn’t seem right. Corddry won’t be playing the romantic lead. He’ll be the hero’s best friend, a role he’s taken on in rom-coms before, only this time he’ll be able to tear out people’s throats while he’s cracking wise.

Even though the world is starting to feel the pains of zombie fatigue, I think this idea has potential. At least it has a slightly different concept than the other 200 zombie movies on the market.

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