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Watch It! Grimm, Chuck, Rock Center and the Return of Beavis & Butthead

TV highlights the week of October 24

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With fantasy, fairy tales, sci-fi, and the supernatural overwhelming television this season -- Grimm is this week’s newbie -- it’s no wonder the latest female comedies and detective dramas pale. Some exceptions this week include Whitechapel. Also, Brian Williams delivers a new news show, FOX presents another animated comedy for adults and MTV resurrects the chortling cartoon cretins, Beavis & Butthead.

Plus hauntings and horror are found with the flip of a channel, from The Addams Family to a Dexter marathon, on the lead up to Halloween.  


Monday, October 24

Monster in-Laws at 10 pm on A& E

Title and topic seems appropriate for this trick-or-treating time of year. The premiere of the latest reality show has relationship therapists Dr. Tom Kersting and Mel Robbins coming to the rescue with tips on managing the extended family.

Tuesday, October 25

Rock Center with Brian Williams at 10 pm on NBC

Replacing the cancelled Playboy Club, comes the debut of Brian Williams’ primetime news magazine show for meaty stuff without the true crime crap of 20/20 and Dateline. Brian’s got Harry Smith, Meredith Vieira and Ted Koppel joining him. Plus the anchor can show a touch of his humor without trying to be Jon Stewart.



Wednesday, October 26

Whitechapel at 10 pm on BBC America

For a modern take on Masterpiece Theater: Very old cold cases inspire new detective tales. This week, it’s a Jack the Ripper copycat.

Wild Freaks of Nature at 10 pm on Science Channel

Killer snake, giant centipede, super spiders and alligators, oh my.


Thursday, October 27

Beavis and Butt-Head at 10 pm on MTV

Mike Judge’s animated morons are back after their five-year run back in 1993. They join the vampire craze and watch videos, send-up Jersey Shore, Lady Gaga et. al. Snort-snort. At least MTV will be playing some music videos again.


Friday, October 28

Chuck at 8 pm on NBC - The debut of the final season.

Grimm at 9 pm on NBC

Beasts, werewolves, trolls and more wreak havoc today in this fantasy police procedural with ‘Grimms,’ hunters charged with protecting humanity from the supernatural creatures.


Saturday, October 29

The Shining on IFC, Men in Black on Cinemax, Angels & Demons on Oxygen

Spooky movies chill the night on lots of channels, from a terrifying Jack Nicholson and Vincent D’Onofrio’s icky mutant creature to Kubrick’s classic.



Sunday, October 30

America in Primetime at 8 pm on PBS

The first of what may be a definitive series about TV and its Misfits and Crusaders. This premiere show looks at the uppity gals: Candice Bergen (Murphy Brown), Julianna Margulies (The Good Wife); Mary Tyler Moore, Grey’s Anatomy and Roseanne Barr.

Allen Gregory at 8:30 pm on FOX

The newest animated offering from FOX premieres after The Simpson’s following a pretentious 7 year-old, with two dads and a Cambodian sister, trying to fit in with first graders. Title could be catchier, but then again, there was Daria, the teen female version.

And when in doubt, make CNBC a default channel. Shows sounds like fodder for dinner party chat: The Secret Life of Trash, Swoosh: Inside Nike, and Coca-Cola: The Real Story Behind The Real Thing.

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