Lazy Weight Loss - Michelangelo Had it Right

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Michelangelo said that when he was creating the Statue of David, he was simply taking away everything that was not David. When I started my weight loss journey it dawned on me that I was taking away everything that wasn't Bridget - inside and out. I was embarking on a sculpting class, taking away everything that had me look and feel less than my most divine self.

The negative thoughts we have about ourselves are not the thoughts of our highest selves. They are the mantras of the devilish cartoon characters perched on our shoulder whispering in our ear to undermine our truths.

The first lesson in Michelangelo's School of Sculpting (aka Weight Loss) is getting to the bottom of the internal chatter that has you reach for food. Imagine Michelangelo whispering negative things into the marble as he chipped away unveiling the David's body. Surely, his chisel would have slipped at least a few times if he were quietly sending anger and frustration toward the handsome creation.

For those of us with weight issues, we haven't even graduated to marble. We're dealing with kiddie clay. The extra padding we have is slapped on in a most unsophisticated way, plopped on the stomach, butt, thighs, etc. Michelangelo would never be so rude with his creations. Why are we so rude with ourselves?

To readjust my own chisel, I went to a pro for all things internal, Marianne Williamson, who wrote "A Course in Weight Loss." I got the book on CD so that I could listen to it over and over, and imbibe the lessons.Reading the page of a book once doesn't do it for me if I'm looking to reprogram some old tapes: I needed to hear it over and over, contemplate the questions and reconsider how I'd been running my relationship with food my whole life.

Thanks to Marianne, I reinvented my relationship with food and with my body. I no longer have to reward myself, calm my anxiety, make myself happier, or medicate for any reason with food. I also don't have to keep weight on to protect myself from danger, men, or intimacy. And, finally, I can have my ideal body. I don't have to settle for the "as good as it gets" body. The chatter I had associated with all of these different conversations in my head about food and my body slowly quieted over time.

Altering calorie intake and output is, of course, essential to losing weight, but if you don't stop the internal chatter that guides your chisel and your fork, you are bound to have some chinks in the marble.

More internal "weighty" chatter tricks to come!

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