Online Dating, Creationism and Burning Buildings

How OKCupid's dating site is making me doubt the state of humanity.

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I had heard about OKCupid from several people before I checked it out. All dating sites have creepy old men surfing for younger women. They all have men who lie, like my ex-boyfriend of two years who said he was 5'9" and divorced. The first lie I found out about on the first date, of course, the second, oddly, after we broke up. Most men lie about their age and body. I met a man who admitted — during the date, after it was obvious to me — that he was 40 pounds over the weight he was in his photos. Really? Really, men?

Years ago I had a guy who I had rejected stalk me to my local Trader Joe's. That was super creepy and took me out of the online dating world for a good long time. I recently had a man offer to come over and just suck my toes. That took me out for a few weeks. It happened, coincidentally, to be the same day I had three very heavy, much older, extremely conservative men email me. That day still makes my stomach turn.

But, what I love about OKCupid is that they ask you to answer questions to reveal things about your beliefs, personality, and lifestyle. There are hundreds of questions to choose. Never mind all the questions that are of a sexual nature. I obviously don't answer those. And, if you don't answer them, you can't see the men's answers to the same questions, which is an unbelievable blessing. I don't want to hear the answers to these extremely graphic questions. I actually judge the guys based on who answered them.

More of the questions, though, are cleverly revealing. Two that keep coming up that absolutely floor me are "Would you save your pet from a burning building?" and "Should creationism be taught in schools?"

The answers to these two questions that turn my stomach several times and are even hard to write here are "No, it's just a dog." and "Yes, it should be taught in schools!"

People who think "It's just a dog" should not have dogs. And, for the love of God — yes, for the love of God — how could a 50-year-old, highly educated, successful, professional man from the United Kingdom believe that creationism should be taught in schools?

I shouldn't be surprised. North Carolina shouldn't surprise me. West Virginia's primary where a Texas inmate took 41% of the vote against President Obama's 59% should not surprise me. But, it does.

All I can say is thank God Jon Stewart can make me laugh about it. I wish he was doing online dating so he could make me laugh about that too.

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