Classy and Fabulous: How Banana Republic is Bringing Classy Back This Fall

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Knowing how to dress for work is almost as important as knowing how to do your job. Think I'm exaggerating? Psychologists tell us that first impressions are formed in a precious few seconds and are based primarily on body language and an array of other subconscious cues.

Take it one step further - when you're decked to the nines in an ensemble you know without a doubt makes you look spectacular, don't you feel confident from the moment you step out of your door?

While confidence may not seem like the most visible attribute, it inspires different, more attractive body language - lifted posture, relaxed face, willingness to smile, and an authoritative walk, among others - helping to make a fantastic impression.  Also, a well put-together outfit will let everyone know you've got a sharp eye, and good taste is never something to be discounted. Luckily, us working girls (and our potentially dashing working boys) are getting more help than ever from my favorite source for work attire: Banana Republic.

Now, Justin Timberlake may have brought sexy back, but it looks like my beloved Banana will be bringing classy back - to stores. I may not be a fashion reporter, but I'm incredibly excited that this summer Banana will be partnering with Janie Bryant, of Mad Men fame. The award-winning costume designer for AMC's wildly popular, retro-fabulous show will be assisting Gap's more sophisticated arm to develop a "capsule collection" inspired by '60s-era fashion to be sold alongside their regular fall line.

There's something so sweet and so glam about the '60s, a decade when dressing your best and demonstrating class was still something of a cultural requirement (unlike today, where it appears to be a pleasant surprise), and I'm glad to see some of that filtering back into pop culture. The collection, which will include pieces for both men and women, is set to debut in stores and online August 11 of this year, and I hope you'll join me in checking it out!

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