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February 2016

Articles From Chaz Lipp in February
Monday Feb 29, 2016 55:00 AM ET
Though it didn't end up winning Best Picture, it did earn Alejandro Iñárritu his second consecutive Best Director Oscar. And Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his first Oscar.
Monday Feb 29, 2016 20:00 AM ET
The movie, clunky during its first act, takes flight when Adonis Creed teams up with Rocky Balboa. Sylvester Stallone earned an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Rocky, 40 years after he earned a nod for the original.
Thursday Feb 25, 2016 10:00 AM ET
The kid-oriented broadcast event of 2015 arrives on DVD, as the TV series it preceded continues to air on the Disney Channel.
Wednesday Feb 24, 2016 05:00 AM ET
Bruce Willis takes a backseat in this crime thriller, playing a supporting role to Kellan Lutz. Deadpool's Gina Carano co-stars.
Wednesday Feb 24, 2016 50:00 AM ET
An Oscar nominee for Best Picture and a mega-blockbuster sci-fi epic arrive on Digital HD in advance of their respective physical releases.
Tuesday Feb 23, 2016 50:00 AM ET
The inspirational true story of college football player Freddie Steinmark, starring Finn Wittrock and Aaron Eckhart.
Monday Feb 22, 2016 50:00 AM ET
This Billy Ray-directed remake of an Oscar-winning Argentinian production packs plenty of acting fireworks, but still lacks tension overall.
Thursday Feb 18, 2016 25:00 AM ET
This mildly funny, relationship-oriented comedy-drama gets off to a low-key start with this eight-episode first season.
Thursday Feb 18, 2016 55:00 AM ET
The two-disc Blu-ray set contains all ten season four episodes and includes Digital HD copies of each episode. Extras include seven episode commentaries.
Wednesday Feb 17, 2016 30:00 AM ET
Two live sets of previously unreleased material, recorded the same week in 1976 at San Francisco's Keystone Korner with sax legend Stan Getz.
Wednesday Feb 17, 2016 35:00 AM ET
Black Mass, though unfocused in terms of storytelling, presents a remarkable fact-based account of the crime career of James "Whitey" Bulger. Johnny Depp's hypnotic performance is its greatest asset.
Tuesday Feb 16, 2016 35:00 AM ET
Though not especially creative in terms of presentation, this true account of the 2010 mining disaster rises on the strength of its powerful story.
Monday Feb 15, 2016 30:00 PM ET
An unconventional biopic of the legendary Apple co-founder. Visually stunning, loaded with great performances, and boasting sharp, incisive dialogue by Aaron Sorkin. A must-see.
Monday Feb 15, 2016 50:00 AM ET
MoviePass is a movie theater subscription service that allows members to see one movie in theaters every day for a flat monthly fee. They're currently holding a cool Oscars contest.
Monday Feb 15, 2016 55:00 AM ET
A supremely talented ensemble cast gets trapped in the Christmas movie from hell.
Friday Feb 12, 2016 40:00 PM ET
Academy Award-nominated actor (and former child star) Jackie Earle Haley makes an impressive directorial debut with this crime thriller. John Travolta co-stars.
Thursday Feb 11, 2016 40:00 AM ET
Under the guidance of Dolan's 36 and 37, witch hunter Kaulder must track down the most fearsome villain of all. Fun? Not really.
Friday Feb 5, 2016 05:00 AM ET
Martin Sheen co-stars in this brand new action/thriller directed by Agustin.
Thursday Feb 4, 2016 25:00 AM ET
The original Disney animated classic is back on the home video market after being out of print nearly five years. But hold onto your previous Diamond Edition Blu-ray if you managed to snag one before the vault closed.
Wednesday Feb 3, 2016 50:00 AM ET
Fans of the TNT sci-fi series have two opportunities to celebrate its conclusion: both the Complete Fifth Season and the Complete Series sets are available.
Wednesday Feb 3, 2016 55:00 AM ET
Political satire that falls rather limp, despite director David Gordon Green and star Sandra Bullock's best efforts.
Monday Feb 1, 2016 10:00 AM ET
Though heavy-handed, the true story of New Jersey police detective Laurel Hester is a powerful one. The Blu-ray also contains the Oscar-winning documentary from 2007.
Monday Feb 1, 2016 50:00 AM ET
Though nominated for Best Picture (and five additional Oscars), this is not one of Steven Spielberg's most accomplished moments. Fascinating Cold War history is rendered inert in this jumble of ideas.

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